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Spinblade is a play-to-earn, action game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, SBC, BOLT. In Spinblade, players collect, customize, and battle their own Spinblades in various game modes to win prizes.


The ultimate goal of Spinblade is to collect and customize Spinblades before going into battle and emerging victorious. Players will start the game with a free launcher for their Spinblade; after purchasing their NFT Spinblade, they can start playing. Spinblades are NFTs with three different body parts and four different classes. Spinblade is distinguished by the use of NFTs to represent each component of the customizable Spinblades. Through gameplay or in-game content, players can earn individual NFT parts, which can boost their power and increase their chances of winning. 

Spinblade has four Spinblade types: attack, defense, balance, and stamina. Each type consists of three components: a power ring, a metal disc, and a tip. Players can mix and match these components to create their own unique Spinblade with different stats. Each component that makes up a Spinblade is the primary factor in determining its type. As a result, if all of the parts of a Spinblade are of the same type, the Spinblade becomes that type. For instance, if all three Spinblade parts are of the Attack type, such as parts that give bonuses to Attack, the Spinblade becomes an Attack Type Spinblade. As previously stated, if two parts that comprise a Spinblade are of the same type, the dominant type is used as the base, forming the Spinblade of that type. For example, if the Spinblade's Power Ring and Metal Disc are of the Attack type and its Tip is of the Stamina type, then the Spinblade's type is Attack. 

Each Spinblade weighs between 30 and 90 grams, and there's a total weight limit for Spinblades. The total Spinblade stat values cannot exceed 120, so the player has to find a balance that does not exceed the maximum weight of the Spinblade. This detailed mechanic allows the players to come up with different Spinblades and tactics in the battles, and it allows for various types of different component combinations. The Spinblades are also forgeable by combining different parts and spending in-game tokens to create new NFT Spinblades.

The game has free and competitive gameplay and many other elements and features for earning. The ultimate goal is to collect and customize the Spinblade before engaging in battle. “Spinduel” and “Spinroyale” are the two main battle modes in Spinblade. Spinduels are 1v1 battles between one player and another. Spinroyale is a battle mode in which multiple players compete to see whose Spinblade is the last one standing. Both battle modes have a different scoring system, but the last Spinblade standing always wins. While Spinduel only offers daily free battles, Spinroyale offers both free and competitive battles with varying prizes. The game also offers tournaments with token and NFT prizes and a league system where players can compete for the top spots, higher prizes, and daily, weekly, and monthly quests for extra rewards.

Spinblade also offers a renting system and other passive income options. Players can stake their coins or Spinblades for passive income, purchase NFT arenas to be used by other players, and earn passive income from entry fees. Spinblade owners have the option of renting their Spinblades to other players. Renting is easily done by selecting the "Rent" option from the interface that displays all of Spinblade's features. When a Spinblade owner lists their Spinblade for rent, they are presented with two revenue models. The revenue-sharing model is the first, and the fixed-price revenue model is the second. The revenue-sharing model involves a percentage split between the Spinblade tenant and owner. The tenant must share a percentage of the revenue generated by in-game matches, as determined by the Spinblade owner. On the other hand, a fixed-price revenue model guarantees the Spinblade owner a fixed income. The tenant pays the fixed rent set by the landlord. Lastly, Spinblade has an NFT collection named Spinblade Pass that will only be distributed to a pool of Spinblade community members as a result of Spinblade-exclusive giveaways and community events. The collection has two different types of passes inside; a whitelist pass and a mint pass.

Token Information

SBC is an ERC-20 fungible governance and staking token that gives ownership of Spinblade to SBC owners, who will vote on the future development of Spinblade and stake their SBC tokens to earn rewards. Players can earn by staking, lending, selling NFTs in the game’s marketplace, winning tournaments and competitive matches, and overall performing well in-game. SBC can be used to enter competitive battles, forge new Spinblades, buy NFTs, rent Spinblades, and purchase arenas. It can be traded on secondary markets.

BOLT is the main utility token of the game, with an uncapped total. It can be earned through winning competitive battles, earning performance bonuses in competitive battles, attending tournaments and leagues, and hosting competitive battles in players’ arenas. Besides these gameplay elements, such as selling NFTs on the marketplace, staking tokens & LP, and lending Spinblades also can earn BOLT tokens. BOLT tokens cannot be used on a secondary market and will only be used in the game’s ecosystem.

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