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May be, Late to the Party

50-100 hours played







If you ask the users about their experience in the game you will find a mixed review. Some will tell you this game is something out of the world, for some it is a "pay-to-play" game.

I used to play this back in July 2021. I played it for three months. May be in late October i quit playing the game. So let me give you, my unbiased view about the game.

First, let me address everyone who has something negative to say about this game. Most of the time, they are new players that got into the game after the July 27 2021 release of the Splintershards (SPS) Token.

When SPS was released the prices of cards skyrocketed due to the high demand from the influx of millions of new players. But if you were lucky enough to get in on the game even one day before the release of the Splintershards, the cards would have been much much cheaper.

So to anyone that says it's not profitable and not Play2Earn, I'm sorry you got in late, and maybe don't rent so many cards and you can actually save some of that DEC you earn.

Luckily i was early in the game. In the the months of the playing game, invest of 50$ gave me back around 1000$. So the game was worth playing.

Now why i have left the game? There are some reasons behind leaving the game. Firstly. I was involved in other games. Which was giving me much more return then this game. Also, Greedy people started to take advantage of the game. For good quality cards, Prices have gone through the roof. New players have started complaining about the return. And i thought that was the right time for me to leave the game.

There was also some game related things that i never liked. Firstly they forced me to add a dedicated wallet for the game. Secondly, it takes a bit of time as well as investment to rank up.

Finally, if i have to give my verdict in one sentence, i will say, The biggest gains have already passed, but I could be wrong.

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