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In Development
Sproutie Team
Simulation, Adventure
Not available


Sproutie is a play-to-earn blockchain-based multiplayer cooking and farming simulation game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its utility token SPROUT, and governance token BEAN. In the game, players can hire farmers to work on their farms, collect NFTs, harvest ingredients to sell for a profit, or prepare new dishes to compete on the leaderboard to earn the game’s tokens. 


At the beginning of the game, every player will be given a land plot to start their farming and cooking adventure. From that point, players can buy seeds from the marketplace to plant on their farms and hire farmers to do the planting. In Sproutie, every FET (seeds and farmers) and NFT has an expiration date. The reason for the expiration date on NFTs and FETs is to sustain Sproutie’s economy by preventing over-circulation of these valuable in-game assets. 

To experience Sproutie, players must hire at least one farmer to start farming on their given land. More farmers mean more productivity since each farmer can only work on one farm item at a time. Farmers need seeds to start planting and therefore harvesting. Players can acquire basic seeds for their farms by staking BNB/BEAN or buy seeds from the marketplace directly by using the game’s cryptocurrencies. Upon planting seeds and harvesting the ingredients from their farms, players can trade their harvested ingredients for a profit or hold onto them to complete different dish quests to increase their income. Also, players have the opportunity to earn SPROUT tokens daily when they complete daily dish quests or earn BEAN tokens by competing for higher ranks on the leaderboard weekly. 

Players can upgrade their farmers by consuming BEAN tokens. Upgraded farmers will work more efficiently and quickly; their harvesting time, adaptation capabilities to external elements such as bad weather, locusts, etc., and their cost will change according to their level. Farmers can equip farming tools as well to increase their farming skills. 

Token Information

Sproutie has two cryptocurrencies for different purposes; the BEAN token is the governance token, while the SPROUT token is the utility token of the game. SPROUT token can be used to extend the lease period of farmers and lands. It can be used as a barter trade currency between players and the marketplace as well. BEAN token, however, can be used to vote for future features and improvements to the game by its holders and staking purposes.

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