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Star Sharks

Star Sharks

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Star Sharks is a play-to-earn blockchain turn-based card game on the BNB with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, SSS and SEA. The gameplay offers a range of game modes and social mechanics that is centered around different game modes and minigames in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


StarSharks is a digital NFT metaverse where users can battle, raise, and synthesize sharks. Each shark is defined by four parameters: health, speed, skills, and morale. The sharks in the game have six body parts, each fitted with a component, namely the head, mouth, dorsal, tail, ventral, and neck. Each body part is controlled by a set of genes, which are composed of one dominant gene and two recessive genes. The dominant gene affects the shark's attributes, while the recessive genes can become dominant during the synthesis of sharks.

The game offers players a turn-based card game called StarSharks Warriors. The objective of the game is to eliminate all sharks from the opponent's hand using strategic cards. Each shark has unique skills that come from different body parts, and players can use two skill cards per round. Buffs and debuffs are applied based on the cards used, and speed buff bonuses affect the order of strike in the next round. The game lasts for 10 rounds, players need to consume energy to use skill cards, and the energy points are restored each round. The game ends in a draw if all sharks on both sides get knocked out in the same round. To form a strategy for combining sharks, players should choose a front-line role with a high health value and the ability to absorb damage.

Players can use the "upgrade your shark" function on the StarSharks platform and consume SEA and SSS to synthesize two sharks of the same star level into a higher-level star shark. The higher the star level, the higher the attributes of the shark, and the higher the damage and shield dealt by the skill card. After synthesizing the offspring shark, both the body and its six parts will be obtained randomly from its two parents with a small chance of mutation.

In addition, players can gain a bonus buff that increases the damage and shields of all their shark skill cards. The more sharks in the backpack and the higher the star rating, the higher the bonus buff, which can be up to 30%. Skins can also be worn by sharks of the same race, which increases their attributes. Skins provide high attributes, and the attributes of SSR are equivalent to a one-star level. The more skins a player can wear than their opponents, the higher their win rate will be, helping them attain a higher rank and seasonal rewards. Players can also stake their coins and shark NFTs for passive rewards in addition to earning rewards from PvP.

Token Information

StarSharks is a game built on a platform with two tokens: SSS and SEA. The governance token of the platform is SSS. It can be used in NFT synthesis and NFT upgrades. Users can obtain SSS tokens by buying them from exchanges, receiving PvP ranking rewards, or receiving referral ranking rewards. Staking SSS tokens on the platform allows users to earn veSSS tokens, gain voting rights, and receive a share of up to 70% of the platform's earnings. There are five different locking periods available for users, with the corresponding amount of veSSS received depending on the lock duration. SEA is the in-game currency. The only way to obtain SEA tokens after the initial issuance is by winning battles in Arena Mode. The amount of SEA earned is determined by the production coefficient, ranking point coefficient, and remaining SEA in the reward pool. To play a game, players need three sharks, which can only be obtained by purchasing mystery boxes from the official marketplace. The platform will keep a small percentage of the income as a handling fee, and the remaining SEA tokens will be burned. The platform's earnings come from NFT synthesis and upgrades, the purchase of mystery and treasure boxes with SEA, and C2C transactions on the marketplace with BNB.


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