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Star Wolvez

Star Wolvez

Star Wolvez
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Star Wolvez is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game that combines elements of world building and real time strategy gameplay using STARDUST tokens and wolf NFTs. The game uses digital collectibles as playable squad members, but it is not mandatory to purchase NFTs to play the game.


Star Wolvez is set in a distant future, where the Wolvez, a group of intelligent beings, are stranded on a dying Earth that has been ravaged by pollution, wars, and the extinction of all known wildlife. The Wolvez formed a pact with The Others, a group of renegade humans who had the technology to explore the Infinite Beyond and find habitable planets. In exchange for supporting the Others during the Great Wars, the Wolvez were promised that they would be rescued once inhabitable planets were found. After years of waiting, the Wolvez finally received word that their ascension was imminent, and they boarded shuttles filled with technology they had never seen before, which auto-piloted them to new planets where they could settle.

Star Wolvez is a multiplayer strategy game similar to Clash of Clans, where players build their own home base and use various machines to yield resources and special boosts, base defenses, troops, cosmetic items, and more. To gain resources to build their base, players can participate in various game modes.

One of the game modes is PVP, where players can engage in one-on-one battles with other players. Another mode is PVE, where players can fight bots to earn resources. Players can also join forces with other players every three hours to take on a boss in the Boss Battle mode. Additionally, players can passively mine nearby asteroids for resources. The game also has base raiding and battle royale modes that are coming soon.

Players can choose to play as a Wolvez or a human character, and they can collect NFTs of different rarities and classes to add to their squad. NFTs have unique attributes and stats that affect gameplay, and players can trade them in the game's marketplace. There are also story missions and events that players can participate in to earn rewards.

Token Information

STARDUST is the governing token and is used for in-game purchases such as NFTs, animations for NFTs, cosmetics, machines, real-world items, in-game speed ups, and WL’s. There are currently 8880 generative wolves that earn 5 STARDUST per day and there are 100 genesis wolves earning 50 STARDUST per day.


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