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3.05.2022 00:10:49 UTC


Time to go to the Stars

100+ hours played







Star crazy is a play to earn NFT game on iotex blockchain which revolves around the little guys called "starz" which are basically the NFTs using which we can do bunch of different things.

So how basically starz works is it has eight body parts with different rarity for each body part and the rarity includes - normal , rare, super rare, super super rare , ultra rare. And they have something call digging power which depends on rarity of each body part. So higher the rarity of body parts , higher would be the digging power.

Now coming up to the explanation part, I will divide it into three parts in all -

1) Buying/Selling your starz - You can buy or sell your starz either in free market or in auction market. Free market is just normal buying and selling. In auction market you can set your own prize and buy or sell them. One problem with bidding is it may take a lot of time to find a buyer for you and hence requires a lot of patience.

2) Fuse your starz - Secondly, we have an option of fusing our multiple stars to have a better one which we can also sell. In fusing you have risk as you loose your cards while combining but it has reward associated with it. The digging power of your combined and final form increases. This mechanism also works as a deflationary mechanic for the game overall as multiple characters are burnt. So I like this concept overall . Also my suggestion is only fuse cards with similar rarities and traits because in this case the final form is more powerful.

3) Mining your GFT tokens - Lastly the most important feature is they have something called starmine where you can mine GFT with your starz and GFS with your LP tokens. You can send your starz to starmine to mine GFT for you and here is where digging power comes in handy. The amount of GFT you receive depends on the digging power your Starz has out of the total digging power of the pool.

So I tried to sum up the game with my experience and suggestion in these three points. Finally to give a conclusion I would say it is a fun and easy game wherein you can enjoy and earn good amount at the same time. The graphics are also good along with some amazing cool features mentioned above. So if you are a fan of play to earn games just like me and like exploring different games , here is an another one to add to your bucket list.

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