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Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy

Ring Games


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Stella Fantasy is a play-to-earn blockchain action role-playing game that offers NFT characters and SFTY tokens within its ecosystem. It features anime-style characters and fantasy elements, with a focus on the game's combat system. The game was developed using the Unreal 4 engine, and the game's ecosystem is expanding towards a multi-metaverse system. Stella Fantasy is available on PC platforms.


Stella Fantasy has various contents for acquiring and interacting with tokens and NFTs. The game features 20 premium anime-style characters that have been developed using Unreal 4 engine. These characters serve as the foundation for the game's ecosystem, which is designed to expand and create more opportunities for players in the multi-metaverse platform.

The game has three types of NFTs that players can acquire and enhance: characters, equipment, and runes. Players can acquire these NFTs through private land and Abyss Rifts. The private land allows players to earn resources that are essential for crafting NFTs, progressing through the main storyline, and preparing for combat in Abyss Rifts.

Abyss Rifts offer combat gameplay that is the core element of the game's circular ecosystem flow and reward structure. Well-developed characters perform better in Abyss Rifts and provide valuable assets as rewards, such as character NFTs, crafting materials, and even SFTYs, Stella Fantasy's governance tokens.

Crafting valuable NFTs requires resources from private lands and rewards earned by clearing Abyss Rifts. These NFTs can be traded in the Marketplace or allocated to the player's team for character growth.

Players can build and manage multiple town infrastructures to produce various materials. They can assign characters to these town infrastructures for interactions, which boosts material and resource production. Increasing productivity creates an efficiency gap with other players, providing an edge in potential market competition.

NFTs such as characters, gear, and runes can be traded in the Marketplace or spent to enhance the player's team for growth and to challenge more difficult content for better rewards. Promoting balanced growth of both characters and town infrastructures will yield great rewards for the player.

Token Information

SFTY tokens are the governance tokens that allow voting within Stella Fantasy's ecosystem. The tokens have a finite supply and are used to make important decisions for the game's development. Players can acquire these tokens by participating in various events, challenges, and tournaments.


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