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Stellum is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy and space exploration game where players can own NFT characters and earn STM tokens on the BNB Chain. Players are able to fly to planets and gather resources, which they can swap for tokens. The game is available on the PC platform.


Stellum is a game in which players can earn rewards while exploring space, advancing to new planets, hiring extraction crews, and, most importantly, leveling up their NFT character. NFT characters serve as avatars. Every character has stats that help players progress faster in-game. Each new character level raises the stats, increasing the efficiency and yields of the player’s universe proportionally. Players have to explore, travel, mine planets, and hire extraction workforces in order to level up their characters.

The NFT character is the player’s ticket to everywhere in the game: they can take part in events and collaborations with Stellum’s partners and gain access to new content and opportunities to earn rewards in Stellum. Characters have different experience multipliers, flight time boosts, event reward multipliers, and extraction ratios that are dependent on their levels.

The primary goal of the early game is to develop and progress a universe by gathering as many resources as possible in order to unlock new planets, level up characters, and prepare them for the game's main phase. These resources can be extracted by launching rockets to deliver them.

The game includes two types of resources: crystals and energy. Crystals are highly valuable items that can be converted into STM tokens or exchanged for energy at any time. On the other hand, energy can only be naturally obtained by extracting it from planets. It is required to gain access to new planets. If the players want to access new planets immediately, energy can be bought directly from the marketplace. There are eight planets to explore with different energy and crystal yield rates.

In order to incentivize player progress, there is an achievement medal system. Players’ experience bars fill up when they purchase energy or exchange crystals for energy. When it is completely filled, you receive a medal along with an energy reward and advance through Stellum. There are three types of medals (bronze, silver, and gold) with four ranks in each of them that represent the amount of experience the player has gained throughout the game.

Token Information

The STM token is the native utility token of Stellum. It has an unlimited total supply and is used for all transactions within the game. STM tokens can be earned through exchanging energy and crystals.

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