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Step App

Step App

Trinity Monsters
Sports, Simulation


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Step App is a play-to-earn blockchain-based FitFi walking simulation game on the Avalanche network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, FITFI and KCAL. The game is based on the daily activity of the players. Players can equip NFT sneakers and start moving with their mobile devices to earn tokens. 


Step App allows players to earn crypto tokens from their daily activities. This type of earning is also known as FitFi, a newer form of GameFi. Players need to download the application to their mobile devices, sign in with their wallets, and own an NFT sneaker to start playing and monetizing. Through the use of NFTs and geo-location technology, and augmented reality, players can combine earning and exercising at the same time.

The game follows its own move2earn protocol. First, NFT sneakers must be minted by acquiring and spending game’s in-game currency KCAL. These minted NFTs must be staked for a locked period of 10 days to start earning and can be harvested at the end of the period, if unstaked, this will result in pending KCALs to be burnt.

Players can walk, jog or run to play the game and socialize with one another. Gameplay consists of solo exercise activities and competitive play. Users’ metaverse characters will develop in appearance as they complete fitness quests given by the game. Players can compete against other players and friends in PvP challenges by staking at least 2.5% of their tokens, earning higher rewards as they progress. 

A tournament mode allows players to compete with their step count on a global and regional leaderboard. Tournament wins unlock unique skins and get a dedicated leaderboard. Participation in the tournament requires a ticket, purchases of which feed a prize pool, with the game taking 5% of all accrued ticket fees. 

Players can make non-NFT microtransactions in-game such as buying new skins for their characters and sneakers for different map styles. Trading NFT sneakers in-game is also possible in the game’s marketplace with a 2.5% transaction fee, with unique sneakers dropping in once a month. 

Token Information

Step App uses two forms of tokens FITFI tokens are the governance token. These benefit from ecosystem fees. These can be converted into FITFI tokens to be staked in pools and exchanged on crypto exchanges. They can also be used to unlock skins and avatars in-game. KCAL tokens are the in-game token, KCAL tokens are only used to buy SNEAKs and are earned from running while staking a SNEAK.

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