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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Step Hero team
RPG, Action

Step Hero (HERO)

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Developer Step Hero team
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Step Hero is a blockchain-based fantasy-themed RPG that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, HERO. The game is supported by HERO Game Hub; a gaming hub for blockchain games with NFT features such as NFT marketplaces, NFT farmings, Summon Gates, etc.


The game's story is based on the post-apocalyptic war between the army of Shadows led by The Demon Lord Lucifer, and the Heroes led by archangel Gabriel. Players take part as heroes on the side of Gabriel. The main goal for players is to destroy Shadows in battles and obtain items to be more powerful.

In order to start playing the game, players need to purchase a hero from marketplaces or the HERO store. Players can form powerful teams by collecting multiple heroes. These heroes can be upgraded by completing daily missions, winning PvP battles, and equipping in-game NFT items. 

Players can see their game progression by checking the world map. The world map is divided into different areas, and each area contains several sub-maps corresponding to the levels that the players have to overcome. These maps all have different ambiance feelings and difficulty levels. On each map, after 3 to 5 levels, a boss will be spawned, and players will have to face the boss to earn rewards. Players will unlock different heroes, weapons, or items as rewards upon conquering an area.

The PvP mode of the game is based on the turn-based combat system. Each player can use an equal amount of characters, from 1 to 5. These battles between players can be fully automated or manual. In automated mode, players can not interfere with the battle, however, in manual mode, players have direct control over the battle. By preparing beforehand, they can select different weapons and items for their heroes, which may impact the outcome of the battle. 

Token Information

Step Hero uses two different cryptocurrencies, STEP and HERO, with different purposes. STEP token is the in-game currency, while HERO is the utility token of the game. STEP tokens can be used for summoning new NFT heroes, paying in-game transactions, in-game rewards, and bounty hunting rewards. Players can earn STEP tokens by staking their NFTs in bounty hunting, winning PvP or PvE battles, and completing in-game missions and daily missions. HERO token can be used for farming points that users can use for their NFT redemption. In addition, the HERO token will have more use cases in the future, according to the development team of the game.

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