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Storm Warfare

Storm Warfare

Janus Interactive
Strategy, Card
Not available


Storm Warfare is a play-to-earn, free-to-play blockchain strategy card game that takes players back to the iconic battlefields of World War II with its NFTs and its cryptocurrency, JAN token. The game allows players to build their decks with different traits and try to defeat the enemy commander using unique combat strategies. Storm Warfare provides the opportunity to own cards created by world-renowned illustrators, which can be sold, rented, or traded, turning gaming skills into valuable in-game assets and tokens. The game is available on mobile and PC platforms.


Storm Warfare offers a free-to-play digital collectable card game (DCCG) experience that combines strategic deck-building elements with the features of NFT card trading. Players begin with a pre-built basic Starter Deck, which is unlocked after completing the basic tutorial. Players can then customize the deck and build their collection with a random assortment of cards that they earn, trade, or purchase. As players acquire more cards, they can build new custom decks from their collection using different strategies. The game features advanced mechanics and blockchain technology, providing a unique gaming experience.

The game introduces Commanders who are the focal point of each deck. Players can choose from different commanders, each with its own set of unique abilities, to lead their army to victory. The cards that players can own are divided into four different types: Units, Vehicles, Artillery, and Support. Each card has its own attack and defense attributes, as well as different traits and abilities that make them useful in different situations. For example, tanks have high defense, artillery has long-range attacks, and infantry has low-cost but can swarm the enemy.

Players can acquire cards in two different ways: buying Booster Packs or buying, trading, or renting cards from the market. Booster Packs can be bought with either Game Points or in-game tokens, and they give players a chance to get different types of cards. Cards that belong to retired packs can only be obtained from the Marketplace. Players can also use the trade-in system to change the appearance of cards, which are displayed in tiers. Players will be able to purchase cards, card backs, and commanders as NFTs. The game will also distribute some cards through in-game events, game modes, and tournaments.

PvP mode allows players to battle against each other using the decks they have built. Players can earn in-game rewards by winning battles, which they can use to purchase Booster Packs or upgrade their NFTs.

Token Information

Storm Warfare's main token is JAN, it is used for various activities within the game's ecosystem, including the marketplace, staking, and NFT minting.


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