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Metaverse, Strategy
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Stratagems is a strategy blockchain game where players assume the role of divine beings, shaping an ever-evolving world island by island. This innovative game blends strategic planning with real-time social interaction, offering a dynamic environment where every decision impacts the game's evolving landscape. Whether forging alliances or engaging in fierce competition, your influence will determine the fate of the islands and the balance of power across the seas. The game is available on browsers.


Stratagems immerses players in a strategic world-building experience driven by blockchain technology. Using Ethereum, players stake their claim by creating islands, each governed by chosen factions. These islands interact with neighboring territories, sparking strategic conflicts or alliances that shape the geopolitical landscape. The game operates on a daily cycle of planning and resolution, where strategic foresight and diplomatic finesse are key to success.

The game unfolds over a daily cycle divided into two phases: the commit phase and the reveal phase. During the commit phase, lasting 23 hours, players strategize, make decisions, and adjust their plans. Once committed, these strategies are finalized and proceed to the reveal phase, where all actions are unveiled and resolved simultaneously. This synchronized approach ensures that each player's decisions impact the game's progression equally.

Stratagems encourages players to engage in deep social strategies. Collaboration and diplomacy play pivotal roles as players negotiate alliances, share intelligence, or vie for dominance. Trust and communication are crucial, as players must navigate complex relationships to secure their strategic objectives. Whether forging powerful alliances or competing for dominance, the social dynamics add layers of depth to the strategic gameplay experience.

Stratagems is currently in its alpha testing phase, accessible through their official website. Participation requires acquiring specific tokens via their Discord channel, enabling players to engage in the evolving gameplay environment. As an on-chain game, Stratagems utilizes Ethereum for all in-game transactions, underscoring the importance of having ETH in your wallet for seamless interaction. Join the alpha test to explore the strategic depths of Stratagems and shape the destiny of its dynamic world.

Token Information

Built on the Base blockchain, Stratagems uses Ethereum for transparent and secure transactions. Every action, from creating islands to staking resources, is recorded immutably on the blockchain, ensuring fairness and transparency. Players interact with the game using Ethereum, facilitating seamless transactions with minimal gas fees. This blockchain integration enhances the game's security and reliability, reinforcing player trust in the strategic outcomes.

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