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Stumble Upon Rumble

Stumble Upon Rumble

In Development
Play to Win Studios
Action, Sports
Not available


Stumble Upon Rumble is a play-to-earn fighting action game that utilizes the Fantom network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, GLOVE. In SuR players can get into serialized fighting matches, wager their tokens for each opponent, and try to win and earn by eliminating their opponents.


Stumble Upon Rumble has pretty straightforward and skill-based gameplay, rewarding skill and strategy rather than character building and items. Players can perform two types of actions: movement and attack. There are no additional attacks or upgrades available to the players; these are the only mechanics available. The player can move in 8 directions: up, down, left, right, and each of the diagonals. The movement happens instantly. Players can use 3 attack mechanics in the game: punch, kick and block, where each counters one but loses to the other. 

The core gameplay consists of 1v1 Arena. Players queue up in a server room of up to 40 players and take turns fighting each other on the ring. While two players fight, other players can view the fight to learn from the strategies or simply socialize. The winner stays in the ring and takes up the next fight, while the loser gets back in the live queue. 

There will also be 4v4 and 2v2 battles taking place in a clan system with larger arenas that require team tactics and tournaments that could be entered with unique NFT rewards in addition to GLOVE token rewards. These tournaments can also be set up by other players and played to win the wagered amount of tokens, they can also be against AI with higher returns in wagered tokens as enemies get increasingly difficult. The normal PvE mode takes the form of boss battles where players will challenge tough bosses to earn token rewards. SuR as well as letting players wager on themselves, also allows players to wager for top players’ fights and earn by wagering their money on the right fighter.

NFTs come in the form of battle arenas, hats, special looks, and attack animations for fighters. They can be earned for special accomplishments in the game, such as winning a tournament or getting a high place on the leaderboard and are tradable in-game.

Token Information

GLOVE is the native token of the Stumble upon Rumble ecosystem. GLOVE can be used for exclusive items that will only be sold in-game, for wagering on players, for admission to special tournaments and boss fights, and for staking in LPs. DOA governance will be available later on as the game stabilizes and forms its player base.


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IDO (FantomStarter)-$0.065$150,0002,307,69220% at TGE, linear daily vesting over 3 months
350,000,000Martket cap: $237,500$22,750,000
Private -$0.045$1,260,00028,000,0005% at TGE, linear daily vesting over 12 months

Circulating Supply: 3,650,000


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