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Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena

Onechain Technology
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Summoners Arena is a play-to-earn strategy game that utilizes the BNB blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, SAE, and ASG. In the game, players need to strategically form their team of heroes, utilize their skills and equipment to battle in PvE or PvP and monetize their rewards.


Players will use characters known as summoner heroes with extensive character building and distinctive strengths varying in rarities, stats, body parts, classes, summon points, factions, skills, and levels.  

Gameplay revolves around strategically building a team of 5 heroes from different factions that counter each other (such as fire vs. water) and battling opponents in a turn-based match. Players can use the different abilities and skills of their heroes and utilize items and pieces of equipment to their advantage. Players can use different formations with different bonuses and change how the same team of heroes fight and use different strategies in the battles.

The Campaign is the PvE mode of the game. It has different regions and hundreds of stages with varying degrees of difficult AI enemies, ranging from easy to hard. The PvP Arena requires players to put in more effort for strategic thinking in order to attack and defend against the squads of others, both modes give out higher token and item rewards as they get tougher, and the PvP has a built-in matchmaking and LO system in which higher places on leaderboards net the player higher rewards.

Heroes and items can be both non-NFT and NFTs, they can be forged, upgraded, or minted in-game and have different in-game features and uses besides their value in the marketplace.

Token Information

SAE or Summoners Arena Token is the main governance token of the game. SAE can only be earned by placing in the top 5000 of the Arena Leaderboard. It can be used to evolve heroes after a certain level threshold to make them more powerful, as a maintenance fee for forming a guild in-game, and can be staked to take a role in the governance. ASG is the in-game currency of Summoners Arena. It can be used to summon new heroes, evolve & upgrade heroes, change formation bonus stats, refresh opponent lists, and exchange for black market resources. In the game, it can only be earned by participating in the Arena using NFT Heroes. Players can acquire ASG by winning daily matches or from End-of-Season rewards.


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