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Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land

Thought Farm Pty Ltd
Simulation, RPG


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Sunflower Land is a play-to-earn blockchain farming simulation game where players can own NFT lands and items while earning SFL tokens on the Polygon network. Every item harvested, gathered, and crafted by the player is a tradeable NFT. The game is playable on browsers and it is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Sunflower Land allows players to craft a farm, it is required to mint a farm in order to start playing the game. Afterward, it is up to players to populate, handle, and operate the farm. Players can buy seeds from the shop inside the town, plant them, and harvest the crops when the time comes. Harvested crops can be sold for profits. There are many different types of crops, such as potatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins, carrots, and cabbages. Each has different growing times, and every one of them requires different seeds. Every farm can have five trees that can be used to produce wood. Wood, stone, iron, and gold require items to harvest. Crafting items is done through certain different locations in town. Tools such as axes, fishing rods, and hammers are crafted at the blacksmith's shop.

In order to upgrade and expand the farm, players must unlock new fields and seeds. There will be a goblin that blocks the fields and wants a certain type of food. Players need to collect enough resources and craft a recipe for the goblin. Kitchen recipes require different types of crops and a payment of SFL to complete. They allow players to proceed to new fields and gain new types of crops.

Players can choose one of the two main professions in the game; farming and gathering. Farmers need to tend the crops and the animals while gatherers deal with mining, chopping, and fishing. Players can earn experience by completing different achievements for each profession. Every five levels earn the player a skill badge which can be used to boost an attribute or increase the chances of minting special items.

Token Information

SFL token is required for crafting tools and expanding the farm. It is earned through exchanging farming crops. Players can visit the town and sell their harvested crops to the shopkeeper. SFL tokens can also be used to buy seeds that can be planted on the farm. 


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