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Supremacy is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT mechs and earn SUPS tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can either watch or join a battle arena broadcasted on the game’s website in real-time. Each player that joins the battle with their mechs can be viewed. The game is available to play on web browsers.


Supremacy features NFT mechs that are war machines made out of distinct chassis with various item slots. Items can range from different weapons, CPU cores, pilots, expansions, and accessories that affect the gameplay. There are three game modes within the Supremacy metaverse; the multiplayer battle arena, the syndicate headquarters which is an economy simulation with resource management features, and an enrichment center where players can solve puzzles and perform certain tasks with contracts that reward in-game currency.

The battle arena acts as a cooperative experience between the viewers and the participating players, everyone involved can earn SUPS tokens. NFT mech owners can queue up for battles to fight against AI-controlled war machines. Participating players can command their mechs with different orders, such as using their drones, missiles, and shields on various targets. Viewers can vote and choose which mech will be the winner. Each battle approximately lasts for five minutes. The winners and the viewers who have chosen correctly are rewarded at the end of the battle.

The syndicate headquarters allows players to manage their resources. The two base resources are metal and energy. Each building featured in the headquarters needs a combination of metal, energy, other minor resources (lead, steel, hydrogen, uranium, etc.), and time to create necessary components for NFT war machines. Parcels of land, large quantities of resources and energy sources, buildings, components for mechs, and completed mechs can all transform into NFT assets.

The enrichment center is a mobile platform where players can complete contracts that feature different tasks to earn tokens. These tasks include mini-games such as surveys, trivia questions, and memory games. They are limited by time and can expire. Successfully completed contracts can reward tokens and can speed up time-based processes such as the construction of buildings.

Token Information

SUPS tokens can be earned either by viewing or joining matches in the battle arena as a reward from the enrichment center mini-games and contracts and can be traded in decentralized exchanges. They are used for every transaction in the metaverse, such as buying NFT war machines or components from the marketplace.

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