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Swords of Blood

Swords of Blood

In Development
HitBox Games LLC
Adventure, RPG
Not available


Swords Of Blood is a free-to-play, play-to-own (P2O) fast-paced hack and slash RPG game that utilizes the Solana blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, SWDTKN. The game aims to be a successor and an expansion to the blockchain for its predecessor BladeBound, a mobile RPG Adventure game, which has proven itself with over 1,300,000 combined downloads on Appstore and Google Play, with an average of 4.5-star rating from 112k reviews. 

Swords of Blood (SoB) features old-school isometric gameplay and is developed as a fully AAA title, where players can experience a fast-paced hack and slash RPG action in a dark fantasy world on par with Diablo. The game is based on a highly immersive gaming experience, with vivid visuals, a comprehensive plot, amazing game mechanics, and a seamless integration into the blockchain that makes it very accessible to the average player. 

After the success of its predecessor, Swords of Blood is set out to become the “Diablo in your pocket,” in which older gamers and newer players can immerse themselves in its story and its gameplay without the sole goal of earning in-game assets and cashing out.


As an expansion, SoB adds on top of BladeBound 4 new PvP maps to a total of 16 and 100-hour gameplay content. Evolving it to a near MMO-style playing experience, with new skins, weapons, battle passes, and exclusive content.

The story takes place in the Realm of Ezura, a once-thriving fictional world that has been devastated by the wicked Dragon Betrayer, a supernatural entity with unfathomable power and equal hunger. The entire realm is engulfed in gloom and sorrow. There seems to be no way out of the misery. Until Sentinel, an ancient goddess, resurrects the protagonist as the sole survivor of the Bladebound Order, humanity's final chance to save what's left of eternity. The story sets the tone for the dark world of Ezura. This is where the player begins their journey.

In the game, the player becomes a professional demon hunter set on a path of vengeance. They can become a daring dungeon explorer, a bounty-chasing battle-mage, or a formidable warrior in search of riches and unique equipment. They can craft epic gear, master or combine six magical elements to create a hybrid combat style, use up to 500 hundred skills that are bound to different weapons and armor, and compete in PvP arenas. 

SoB’s PvE aspect takes place in dungeons crawling with dangerous abominations and creatures to hunt down the game’s bosses such as The Brutal Impaler, Master of Witchcraft, King of Blizzard of The Icy Tower, and others. 

PvE questline takes the player into different settings ranging from deserts to lands of winter. The combat is in the classical form of Hack and Slash, where players need to utilize their reflexes in order to master their swordplay and juggle their limited mana to cast spells and use skills in order to beat their enemies. By completing these quests and taking over PvE combat challenges, players will earn loot in the form of items, in-game gold, and gems.

When players need a change from the PvE, they can start competing online in Arena mode. This is also the only place they can earn SWDTKN tokens by achieving PVP Season Ranks and competing in tournaments. Winning these tournaments, where players can participate in rounds of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 16v16 PVP matches will require skills and actual late-game items. For each game season, the top 10 players on the ladders will be rewarded SWDTKN.

In SoB every in-game item is an NFT, and entirely sellable, exchangeable, and tradeable. Players can upgrade, exchange the in-game currency, unlock higher levels and rewards, or mint their items into Game Utility Tokens (GUT) if they choose to do so. To get past a certain threshold in the game, players will need to buy SWDTKN tokens. These tokens will be used to get past a certain hero level, access exclusive PVE/PVP content, level up their NFT items with gold and gems, access tournaments, PVP Season Ranks, and acquire Battle Passes for the Season. In-game golds are used to level up players’ Bladebound gear and crafting. And gems will be used to access exclusive content such as tournaments and events.

Token Information

SWDTKN is the native in-game currency of the Solana-based blockchain hack and slash RPG. As players progress through the game, there will be specific hero levels that will have to be paid using the token. All transactions and any other form of payment taking place on the game’s ecosystem will involve using SWDTKN. Items on the marketplace, such as characters, skins, battle passes, and more, will be paid using the core cryptocurrency. The game is initially free-to-play, but players will have to use SWDTKN to unlock certain content available later on.


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