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Syltare is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain turn-based multiplayer card game where players can own NFT cards while earning SYL tokens. Players can collect NFT Syl cards in order to battle against each other. The game is round-based, where each card fights against each other in turns. The game is available to play on PC platforms.


Syltare’s generations of cards are called a "stroke." The first stroke contains thirty-three different hero characters that the players can choose from. Each of these cards is an NFT and has different variations. They can come in various rarities that range from common to rare, super rare, and legendary. Rarity affects the quantity, attack power, and health points of a card. There are also things like backgrounds, colors, and effects that can change, which can make the value of a card go up or down. Every card has a different skill like clinch, genius, counter, or shield and also belongs to an element such as water, fire, wind, earth, or ether that determines their playstyle.

Each match has rounds that feature two cards fighting against each other. A coin toss is carried out in order to determine which player starts the match. Winning a match requires a player to defeat the enemy for a total of three rounds. Players can bring up to five NFT cards to the battle. Free-to-play players are given five random duplicate cards. Winning players are awarded karma points and various rewards. These rewards can be swapped for SYL tokens.

The game only requires a wallet connection to play. Players can directly jump into a battle and start earning a small amount of SYL tokens even if they haven’t made any purchases. This only works for the normal mode. To play in the other modes, players have to pay an entry fee.

There are three different game modes: normal, sit-and-go, and tournament. Normal mode matches are the game’s standard, as it acts as a quick play mode. Players are placed in a tier such as master or silver according to their points. Points are either gained or lost upon winning or losing a match. Sit-and-go mode is a mini-contest mode where two to sixteen players can join. Winners are matched against other winners, and the last man standing wins the prize. Tournaments act just like the sit-and-go mode; however, they serve a much higher number of players.

Token Information

SYL is the native token of Syltare. SYL tokens can be earned through the conversion of karma points that the players earn after each win. These tokens can be used to enter the sit-and-go and tournament modes and to also buy in-game items and NFT assets.

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