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Synergy Land

Synergy Land

Synergy Games
Action, RPG
Not available


Synergy Land is an action role-playing blockchain game that merges survival mechanics with the aRPG genre, reminiscent of popular old isometric RPGs. Situated in a fantasy realm divided into four ecosystems: earth, water, fire, and ice, players take on heroic roles, embarking on dungeon adventures and battling formidable creatures. Synergy Land offers a rich ecosystem for players to collect and trade NFTs. The game is available on PC.


Synergy Land offers an expansive world waiting to be explored. Players can venture through four biomes, each with distinct enemies and requiring specialized strategies for victory. The game stands out with its emphasis on customization, allowing players to create characters equipped with over a hundred spells, feats, and abilities.

The economic backbone of Synergy Land revolves around three core activities: Dungeons, Crafting, and Island Management. The most coveted in-game items are crafted, with rare equipment obtained from dungeon loot and exclusive NFTs available through pre-sales, such as characters, bosses, pets, and stations.

Dungeon dynamics have randomization features offering varied layouts, paths, and treasures every time one ventures inside. To successfully navigate these challenges, players must harness skill synergies and collaborate with allies. Inside, they'll face hordes of enemies, difficult puzzles, and the various boss battles, all guarding the precious loot.

Beyond combat, Synergy Land dives deep into life skills, with a private island system where players can engage in farming, crafting, cooking, and more. Players can raise, train, and breed pet companions, which not only support them in combat but also compete in turn-based PVP pet battles. Housing is another innovative feature. Players can own private islands, which serve as hubs for crafting, farming, mining, breeding, and more. These islands are integral to the game's production system, allowing for crafting stations, the production of biome-specific resources, and trade opportunities.

The game boasts a variety of NFTs, including characters, bosses, pets, equipment, crafting blueprints, station blueprints, and furniture. These NFTs, particularly characters, bosses, pets, and station blueprints, are exclusive and available through limited pre-sales. However, with a low drop rate, they can also be acquired as dungeon loot.

The community is able to own the game's most potent enemies. NFT boss holders can stake their assets, and if their boss emerges victorious in battle, they earn a passive income. This system not only rewards holders but also offers a unique NFT ownership experience.

Token Information

SNG is the main currency of Synergy Land. The game features a marketplace where players can trade items and purchase basic resources vital for life skill progression. Revenue streams for Synergy Land include fees from in-game marketplace transactions, life skill activities, and dungeon fees. They also offer in-game purchases such as collectibles, consumables, and a season pass system.


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