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TaleCraft is a play-to-earn card and board NFT game that utilizes the Avalanche blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, CRAFT. TaleCraft is driven by a unique mint and craft mechanic, where players grow more powerful through gamified NFT alchemy while earning and monetizing their rewards.


Talecraft has two game modes that complement each other; the main gameplay revolves around the board game mode with head-to-head PvP. The second mode is the unique crafting mode that will allow players to strategically create NFTs.

TaleCraft's play-to-earn board game mode allows players to compete head-to-head, putting their talents to the test and showcasing the strength of their alchemy and build powers. This is a tactical card game mode that brings the NFT crafts and economics to life in full-fledged medieval warfare. The game protocol generates AVAX awards for a successful victor.

The game stylizes itself as craft-to-earn, and crafting is a whole other game mode in Talecraft. The four major elements in TaleCraft are delivered in Alchemist Chests, which will be sold weekly. As a result, the cards are restricted. Its own structure is deflationary. The cards used in each craft are destroyed. The Alchemist's Chest is a weekly sales system for four major ingredients. In TaleCraft, users just need four primary materials to mint cards. Namely, Air-Water-Earth-Fire elements. Weekly sales provide these four elements. Only four of the 178 cards, representing the four main elements, will be offered on a weekly basis. Users can create all of the remaining cards themselves and thus create new tactics and playstyles to use on the PvP card board.

These 160 cards are divided into five levels. These stages are the iron level, bronze level, silver level, gold level, and philosopher's stone level, in that order. The difficulty and rarity of the card's manufacturing define the card's level. Because of Talecraft's weekly alchemist chest system, elements (air, water, earth, and fire) will be in short supply. As a result, the supply of any card will not be continually increasing, and different people will provide interest to the market by minting different cards. 

For example, by minting just Bronze Level cards, a player can become a major supplier of bronze cards for people who want to craft higher rarity tier NFT cards by using these bronze cards. Players can pay different expenditures merely to obtain better cards and become one of the cards' unique owners. They can set their own prices for any card they own and control the market with enough supply. Not to forget that there is no luck involved in Talecraft’s crafting mechanic. So every card that is crafted and its final attributes will be determined by the users.

Token Information

The game’s main token CRAFT can be used for market purchases and other in-game purchases. The game will also reward players with Avalanche blockchain’s native token, AVAX, and these two will be used together to create powerful NFT cards. NFT cards and CRAFT tokens can also be staked for passive income with higher APRs.

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