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Tanks! For Playing

Tanks! For Playing

In Development
Tanks! For Playing


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Tanks! For Playing is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT tanks and earn TANKS and SCRAPS tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks. The game is a turn-based multiplayer battler that can be played on browsers. Players can create and join lobbies to play the game.


Tanks! For Playing is played on a tile-based map. Every player starts with two energy and two hearts, and each player’s tank has a range of two tiles. Players are placed on the map based on the order they have joined the game. There are three game modes categorized by the game's pace. Express game mode lasts about twenty minutes and gives an energy point to players every thirty seconds, Fast game mode is about thirty minutes in duration and generates an energy point for players every sixty seconds. The third mode is the Slow game mode which lasts for approximately a month, and players can get an energy point each day.

Maps can have obstacles and moving barriers that block players from shooting or moving over. Every movement that the players make occurs as blockchain transactions. Players can perform different actions during their turns; they can attack, upgrade, move, gift, and pass. It costs one energy to move one tile, three energy to upgrade range, three energy to upgrade hearts, and one energy to attack the enemies in range. Players can also gift one energy or a heart to a player within range.

Another gameplay element is the enclosing fog on the map. Players need to stay in the clear and not get destroyed. Anyone’s tank inside the fog can be detonated randomly. The fog incentivizes players to be active and keep moving, which prevents players from camping. The fog will appear after a certain amount of time into the game, and it will be indicated by a timer and a purple boundary line on the map.

Token Information

TANKS and SCRAPS tokens can be bought on decentralized exchanges, and they can be earned through successful participation in different game modes. However, in order to earn SCRAPS tokens, players will need to own a tank NFT. TANKS token is deflationary, while the SCRAPS is inflationary.

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