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Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy

Adventure, MMO, RPG


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Tap Fantasy is a play-to-earn blockchain-based MMORPG that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, TAP, and GOLD. It is a free-to-play MMORPG adventure game where players can play mini-games inside the Tap Fantasy world and earn crypto tokens and NFTs. 


Tap Fantasy consists of different mini-games where players earn different rewards. It also adds design-to-earn mechanics in which third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules using TP’s no-code map editor. Game designers earn a 50% commission from GOLD coins that players consume in third-party gameplay modules.

The game takes place in the fictional tile-based land of Odom, where players can begin playing after they create their adventurers’ appearance and gender. After that, players can move their characters to each region or tile and start exploring to recruit different heroes. Players will recruit heroes by visiting nearby regions and finding them. These recruited heroes can be used to battle monsters on the map to gain food, resources, and equipment and vary among 15 different classes, from blademaster to warlock.

How to Play

Players will open chests to find rewards by using their stamina before their initial gameplay. Stamina is limited to 30 per day and will regenerate every 30 seconds, but it can be bought in exchange for tokens in-game. In Odom, for example, food is used to level up players’ heroes. A cuisine system is used for cooking better foods after acquiring the necessary ingredients, and better food will give players more EXP per consumption to speed up hero leveling progress. Equipment is used to strengthen heroes and can be upgraded or merged with other items to become even more powerful.

Heroes can take part in PvE adventures. PvE casual combat is a steady way to earn equipment, raw food, and power gems. Battles consist of three heroes against enemies or bosses; players can change the heroes' equipment, skills, and formation, and after setting them up, battles are fought by the AI.

Tap Fantasy’s PvP mode is Colosseum, where players can use three heroes to form a team to fight with other adventurers. Adventurers can earn trophy points after every victory. Adventurers will also receive different titles depending on their trophy points. TAP Token rewards will be sent according to the adventurer's current ranking every seven days. The higher the ranking, the richer the reward. Weekly Colosseum rankings also reward the best with tokens, items, and NFTs. Players can also use the Colosseum to chat and socialize. They can also form clubs in the form of guilds or clans and play together.

Players can also participate in Great Rift, a challenge mode where they try to defeat increasingly hard mobs and need to prove beforehand whether they have the necessary equipment to do so. These challenges will reward players with special loot boxes that give Magic Crystals, a special in-game currency which is only used to upgrade NFT Skins.

Equipment and ingredients obtained from the gameplay can be listed on the trade house, aka the marketplace, for other players to buy. Gold Coins can be obtained after a successful sale, and the trade house will take a certain percentage of the transaction tax.

Land of Odom is also riddled with minigames that players use to gain in-game resources, from finding a treasure with a randomly appearing treasure map to memory games and even fish hunting. This is where third-party content comes into play.

In Tap Fantasy, NFTs are skins that can add one additional skill, and different elemental resistances. They can be further upgraded in-game and have different strengths and appearances from their vanilla forms. The initial skin count was 200 with monthly NFT skin releases each month. These can be acquired from in-game activities, completing skin fragments, or bought at the trade house.

Tap Fantasy Best Team

The best team in Tap Fantasy is one that strategically combines heroes from various classes, maximizes their equipment and skills, and excels in both PvE adventures and PvP battles. To assemble the Tap Fantasy Best Team, players should focus on hero recruitment, equipment upgrades, and mastering the art of combat tactics, ensuring they achieve top rankings in the Colosseum for the richest rewards.

Token Information

Tap Fantasy Token

TAP Token serves as Tap Fantasy's DAO governance token, in addition to the regular DAO governance functions. Players can purchase NFT skins, Magic Crystals and NFT lands on a decentralized exchange. Upgrading NFT assets for example, adding an NFT skin consumes magic crystals resource but  also requires TAP Tokens as a gas fee. Players can use Gold Coins to buy physical strength and tickets for daily expenses during gameplay. It can also be exchanged on crypto markets.


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IDO (ByBit Launchpad)22-22 Jan 2022$0.04$300,0007,500,00020% at TGE, 3 months cliff, the rest 10% linear release monthly
IDO (TrustPad)8-8 Jan 2022$0.04$300,0007,500,00020% at TGE, 3 months cliff, the rest 10% linear release monthly

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Private (TrustPad)9-9 Jan 2022$0.03$50,0001,666,66712% TGE, cliff 3 months, the rest 8% linear release each month

Private-$0.03$3,550,00018,333,33312% TGE, cliff 3 months, the rest 8% linear release each month

Seed-$0.015$900,00060,000,0000% TGE, cliff 3 months, the rest 6% linear release every month


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