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Tatsumeeko is a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain-based MMORPG on the Solana Chain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, MKLN and IGS. In this game, players can engage in social activities, battle with other players or AI, and build their communities through diverse game modes and characters in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


Tatsumeeko is a multi-chain MMORPG game that is currently available on the Solana and Ethereum blockchain networks. The game takes place in a pixelated fantasy world called Ielia, where players can engage in social activities, battle with other players or AI, and build their communities through diverse game modes and characters.

The game has a multi-class character system that allows players to interact with the world of Ielia through eight different character types, including the squire, the warrior, the cleric, the acolyte, the archer, the recruit, the magician, and the thief. This multi-class system enables players to switch between character types, requiring critical strategy and teamwork to select which roles best fit each situation and making gameplay more collaborative and entertaining.

The game is divided into three main categories: adventure, exploration, and social/side activities. Under Adventure, players can participate in the main story quests, side story quests, and combat modes such as battles, dimensional invasions, dungeons, and PvP ladder tournaments. Combat in the game is automatic, based solely on player stats.

Under exploration, players can explore the world of Ielia and engage in activities such as resource gathering and crafting, collecting monster cards, and playing mini-games. Players can also customize their characters and engage in social activities such as farming, fishing, and other mini-games.

In Tatsumeeko, players can join their community and play the game for free while earning rewards for investing their time and effort. The game is designed to serve four types of players: achievers, explorers, killers, and socializers. Players can enjoy a social metaverse experience that offers the joy of exploration, team battles, and more casual social features, all playable within the Discord server of their respective communities.

Tatsumeeko is focused on mass adoption through social engagement and diverse gameplay features. The game has additional initiatives to expand its impressive user base of 62 million, including open access for all players without upfront costs, incentive programs for community owners to onboard members, a cross-platform infrastructure to make Tatsumeeko available on additional devices and applications, and a progression-based learning system that offers a mentorship program for newbies with training from professional gamers.

Tatsumeeko offers several passive earning methods for players. One of the primary ways to earn passively is through the game's land system. Home and land ownership are foundational to the social and virtual governance systems of Tatsumeeko. Homeowners can participate in the governance and profitability of their district, sharing power with medallion holders who contribute to the robustness of their district. District lands are allocated to all stakeholders to own and cultivate, but they require frequent attention and engagement to maintain their resource assets.

Another way to earn passively is through the game's marketplace. Tatsumeeko has developed an array of add-on features, including a marketplace for third-party operators to create, trade, and rent gear for tokens. Players can earn tokens by renting out their equipment to other players. In addition, players can also earn passively through Tatsumeeko's gaming DAOs. These decentralized autonomous organizations allow players to pool their resources and earn rewards based on the performance of their collective investments. Meekolony Pass NFT provides players with various benefits in the Tatsumeeko metaverse. It allows players to stake and earn in-game NFTs and IGS, giving them access to special airdrops, unique status effects, auras, and early access to special vanity and cosmetics. Additionally, Meekolony Pass holders can mix and match accessories between different Meekolony NFTs, access in-game VIP stores with discounts and unique items, and explore exclusive worlds. Meekolony Pass NFT also provides convenience boosts, such as access to presales, discounted NFTs, and merchandise stores. 

Token Information

Tatsumeeko has a governance token called MKLN, which has a total supply of 1 billion. The token can be earned as a reward for leveling up in the game or through staking rewards. On the other hand, there are deflationary factors such as governance and stake to earn rewards. IGS is a utility token used within Tatsumeeko's ecosystem. The total supply of IGS tokens is infinite. IGS token usage can include in-game activity rewards and subscription/Genesis Meekolony Pass rewards. Players can earn IGS tokens by participating in various activities within the game, including completing quests, battling, and exploring. Subscription and Genesis Meekolony Pass holders are also rewarded with IGS tokens. IGS tokens can be spent on upgrading ally characters and adventurers, upgrading items, purchasing energy, character Gacha, upgrading personal and community dimensions, item purchases, perk and buff activation, creating portals to realms, crafting and building, and purchasing items for farms and ranches. 


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0% unlock at TGE, 1 year cliff, then 8.33% monthly linear unlock over 12 months1,000,000,000




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