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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
The Crypto You Team

BabySwap (BABY)

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Developer The Crypto You Team
Market Cap $23.76 M
Volume $2.09 M




The Crypto You is an online game based on the Binance Smart Chain network. In the Crypto You metaverse, players can summon babies, do daily missions, battle against monsters and loot rare items in a play-to-earn environment. The Baby Planet, home of the babies, relies on cryptocurrencies as the main resource, and players can participate in different activities to earn cryptocurrencies for their NFT babies.

Gameplay & Token Information

At the beginning of the game, players have to connect their wallets that support Binance Smart Chain and buy at least 50 BABY tokens. Each baby costs 50 BABY tokens, and they will get a random role, score, or rarity in a form of NFT. Players can transfer, gift, sell or buy the baby characters in the market. 

Newly summoned Baby characters start the game as level 1 characters. To level up the babies, players have to consume a certain amount of MILK, an in-game fungible token. MILK can be earned by playing the game and doing activities such as daily mining missions, PvE (player versus environment), etc. More MILK will be consumed if the baby’s level is higher. Also, there’s a possibility of failure when upgrading a baby’s level. This failure rate will be increased if the baby’s level is higher. A failed upgrade attempt may cause the baby to disappear permanently.

In the Baby metaverse, there are 12 baby characters with five different roles, such as fighter, assassin, healer, mage, and archer. The babies have a certain kind of damage type, rarity, advantage, and disadvantage, which defines the baby’s play style. In the future, however, the development team will add new characters and roles to the game. 

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