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The Fabled

The Fabled

In Development
The Fabled
RPG, Action
Not available


The Fabled is a play-to-earn, free-to-play blockchain action role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and earn ABYS tokens. The game is built in Unreal Engine 5 and features a series of levels that the players can explore. The Fabled is available on PC platforms.


The Fabled has a world that is divided into two parts: the overworld and the abyss. It takes place in a universe that has been shattered by a disaster that happened so long ago that some people are starting to wonder how things got to be the way they are now.

Players are able to choose a class for their character. There are three classes to choose from: gods, demons, and warriors. Players are able to level up their characters and collect rare weapons and artifacts throughout their time in The Fabled. Their characters will gain strength and ability as they overcome tremendous odds. Many rare artifacts can be found in The Fabled, which will help players overcome the challenges they will face. 

As they explore the Abyss, players will face a variety of combat challenges. In The Fabled, combat is typically fast-paced, requiring skill and quick reflexes to succeed. When fighting, there are numerous combat styles to choose from. Players can use bows to fight from a distance, use one-handed swords for fast-paced combat, or utilize two-handed weapons to deal a lot of damage at the expense of speed.

There are two primary game modes: on-foot and flying. While on foot, players can choose from a variety of character classes and weapons, with specializations in melee, archery, and magic combat. Flying, on the other hand, allows players to also use a dragon mount to defeat enemies in the air by raining dragon's breath on them.

The game utilizes two kinds of items. Soft-minted items are in-game items that can be looted from defeated enemies or found within levels. These items are off-chain. However, hard minted items can be transferred to the blockchain using ABYS tokens. This upgrades them both visually and stats-wise.

Token Information

The native ABYS token allows players to monetize their time spent in-game. If players choose to mint NFT assets with ABYS tokens, they will be able to trade, sell, buy, or rent other assets with each other. They will also be able to get exclusive items that can only be bought on the market. Furthermore, players can greatly increase the power of their characters by leveling them up with the ABYS token


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The Fabled Private/Pre-sale (TruePNL)4 Dec — 5 Dec 2021 $$0.128  $ 100,000.00 784,31310% at TGE, 2 months cliff, monthly release over 18 months600,000,000


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