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The Harvest

The Harvest

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The Harvest is a play-to-earn F2P MOBA hero-shooter that utilizes the Ethereum network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, HAR. The Harvest is a third-person shooter with MOBA and battle royale elements where players can earn virtual prizes while playing.


The Harvest is a third-person shooter with MOBA and battle royale elements. In each match, four teams of three heroes compete for the most points in a ten-minute combat. Before each battle, players choose their hero and equip it with eight ability cards, which they use to boost their hero as they level up. In order to win, players are required to alter their playstyle to counter their opponents and establish synergy with their team.

Every hero arrives on the planet in a spaceship, and each team begins at random in one of the four different bases scattered across the map along with two of their teammates. Their goal now is to harvest as much essence as they can and be the last team standing. Four teams with three players each will begin doing missions in order to level up their characters' powers. Missions include capturing neutral harvesting points or capturing the enemies’ harvesting points, killing enemy players, and reviving team players. Heroes can use special cards they find to enhance their attributes and get special skills in addition to their special skills.

Harvesting the essence is the main goal of the game. That essence can be obtained in various ways, so players must choose the strategy that best suits their play style. Those ways are: absorbing essence from essence extractors; killing enemy heroes; assaulting other teams’ bases (to steal their essence); and killing AI creatures on the planet. 

The NFTs come in the form of cards. These NFT cards can be companions fighting at the player’s side, different ability cards that the heroes can equip, different skins, and calling cards for the heroes and the player. The players can create a custom deck of eight cards for each hero they want to use. The game will offer 15 common cards for each hero with basic effects. So, by default, all the players will have a standard deck created that will allow them to start playing the game for free. However, players will be able to purchase NFT cards that will allow them to improve their deck if they want to take full advantage of NFTs.

Players can earn token rewards by competing in a ranked league system (structured around seasons) and daily quests. Players will be ranked across different categories based on the cumulated ranking points that they will win or lose after every game. Players’ rewards will vary depending on their current league ranking, as the better the league, the higher the rewards will be. After every match, players will earn player experience depending on their performance. Every time that the player levels up, they will get a reward that is called an orb. These orbs will have different tiers, and, as a result, the rewards can be different. They can contain rewards from boosters to big amounts of HAR, Card Boxes, or Secret Cards. There’s also an in-game soft currency that is not tradable on the market called EOL. It is used for more basic transactions within the game, but it can also be used to enhance certain cards’ attributes so they become more valuable on the market.

Token Information

The HAR token is the governance token for The Harvest. It can be bought and sold on other crypto exchanges. Playing the game allows the players to earn HAR through the level-up system or special rewards. HAR also does most game actions, such as leveling up cards or boosting players' rewards. HAR can also be staked for passive income bonuses, higher in-game rewards, and voting rights in the DAO.


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$0.0165 $7,095,000.00 430,000,0005% at TGE, followed by a 3 month cliff then linear vesting for 16 months4,000,000,000

$0.01 $3,500,000.00 350,000,0005% at TGE, followed by a 3 month cliff then linear vesting for 16 months


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