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The Legends of Elysium

The Legends of Elysium

Primebit Games
Card, Strategy
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The Legends of Elysium is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain-based strategy card game enhanced with strategic elements where players compete with each other during weekly leagues and monthly competitive tournaments. Players build their custom decks and strategize their moves on the game board to outperform their opponents in the game. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


How to Start

At the beginning of the game, players create a hero who will represent them throughout their journey. Their hero can be an Orc, a Human, or a Dark Elf, and their chosen hero will have a passive skill according to their race. Race members can be a warrior, a mage, or an archer, which defines their play style with their unique talents; warrior heroes start the game with an additional 5000 HP, archer heroes place one bonus hex per turn, and mage heroes start the battle with one random spell card. These heroes will automatically become NFT assets when they reach level 2 and will be tradeable between players.

List of Cards

Heroes use cards to dominate the battle board in The Legends of Elysium, which are the game's essential elements. Cards are divided into three main types; units, spells, and items. Players can deploy unit cards, and each deployed unit occupies a hex on the battle board. Spell cards can be used during the battle to harm the opponent, and heroes can equip item cards to increase their overall power and abilities. However, to use any card, players must meet the requirements such as mana cost or land type. Cards in the game have four different rarity levels; common, rare, epic, and legendary. Players can acquire more cards by opening standard or premium card packs, completing missions, or playing in Adventure mode. By using their cards, players can create their decks which consist of 24 cards in total.

Card Types
Card Rarities


How to Play

The Legends of Elysium has five game modes. Each game focuses on another aspect of the game, like PvE or PvP. League is a PvP-focused multiplayer ranked-match mode where players earn points for winning the battle and climbing higher levels in the league. Ranking points can increase or decrease during the league. The highest point holders share the prize pool at the end of each league week since leagues take one week.

Adventure is a PvE-focused single-player mode. In this mode, players can hone their skills and prepare for the real action in other game modes. This mode lets players earn new cards and abilities, which they will gain an advantage while playing on different game modes throughout their journey in The Legends of Elysium.

Tournament is a PvP-focused game mode that will happen in the form of an esports setup with commentators and sponsors. To be able to participate in the tournaments, players will have to buy entry tickets. The top players of a tournament will earn the grand prize at the end. 

Friendly Duel is a mode in which players can challenge their friends. In this mode, players can not earn experience points or ranking points. Also, winning battles do not count as daily quests in Friend Duel game mode. 

Battlefield is a PvP-focused competitive game mode. Players compete against each other for a chance to win rewards. In this mode, which is good preparation for tournaments, players can take part until they lose two lives or defeat all their opponents.

Lastly, Guild War is a PvP-focused guilds-wise battle mode that players can participate in. Guild members face the other guild members for rewards and glory, and they can borrow their guild mates' cards which are deposited in the Guild Vault for free.  

Token Information

The Legends of Elysium uses the LOE token as its native cryptocurrency. The LOE token can be earned by completing achievements, daily quests, competing in League mode, and esports tournaments. Players can use LOE tokens to purchase NFT items from the in-game store for governance purposes, minting new cards, staking, or borrowing NFT cards. 

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IDO (Poolz)-$0.05 $200,000.00 4,000,00025% on TGE, Then 25% monthly1,000,000,000Market cap: $1,225,000$50,000,000.00 
Strategic Sale-$0.047 $1,410,000.00 30,000,0005% on TGE, 2m cliff, 8m vesting
Circulating Supply: 24,500,000
Private Sale-$0.0375 $1,875,000.00 50,000,0005% on TGE, 3m cliff, 12m vesting

Seed Sale-$0.025 $500,000.00 20,000,0005% on TGE, 4m cliff, 16m vesting


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