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The Nemesis

The Nemesis

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The Nemesis is a play-to-earn virtual world where players can share their experiences, socialize, create metaverses, and participate in play-to-earn mini-games. This world provides a virtual environment where players can spend time in. There are two currencies present in the game; COINS can be used for any transaction, and NEMS can be staked.


The Nemesis allows players to create their own metaverses. They are made by combining the lands and the 3D sets they own. Players can create custom villages, art galleries that feature their works, and virtual stores to exhibit their products and brand. This is achieved by a set editor where players can either choose from already built templates or build custom sets to their liking.

Each of these metaverses can be gamified, and players can choose from a set number of games The Nemesis provides, such as a treasure hunt that features scattered items throughout the map, a battle royale with toy weapons, car racing, arcade rooms, and escape rooms. There are also companions in the game where they can be minted, fed, upgraded, and evolved.

Players will have to purchase land on a planet where the sizing, the landscape, and the consistency are unique. The surface of a planet is called filler, and it can have different textures and materials. They can either be water, lava, rock, or snow planets. Planets have land capacities varying between eight and thirty thousand lands according to the size of the planet. Every planet is divided into eighty sectors regardless of size. Owners who have the largest number of lands in a sector decide the name, the color, and the icon of the sector.

Token Information

COINS can be spent in various ways, such as customizing avatars with skins and accessories, buying equipment and power-ups, buying tickets for events, signing up for tournaments, buying assets for sets and gameplays, and making donations. They are earned through unique challenges and specific actions like sharing or providing referral links to friends. NEMS can be staked and acts as a governance token that allows players to vote.


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