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The Next War

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The Next War is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain MMO battle royale (BR) game where players can earn NFTs and TNG tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC network). The game utilizes Unreal Engine and offers players to compete in a battle royale tournament in two different genres, FPS and TPS. 


The Next War takes place in the 2050s in a dystopian future, where players battle to reboot humanity. Players can compete on their own or team up with friends in casual and ranked battle royale games where they fight to be the last survivor on the battlefield in classical BR fashion. The game features mini-games, guild wars, battle pass, and BR tournaments with prize pools and aims to get into the esports scene.

In battle royale mode, players can parachute into the battlefield with their respective loadouts and different avatars, utilizing NFT weapons and upgrades which change the weapon's attributes. The players can strategize, loadout, and team up accordingly and can use different in-game tactics to outlast their opponents in either FPS or TPS version. Certain rewards and WAR Crates can be acquired by winning these matches through skilled gameplay.

The game modes of The Next War are divided into four main modes: free-to-play, shoot-to-earn, minigames and guild wars. 

In free-to-play mode, players can play the game without purchasing an NFT fighter. This mode focuses on the game's learning curve and the game's general gameplay. Therefore, players can choose a soldier and jump right in and begin to slowly acquire in-game crates that can be opened and turned into NFTs. After earning their NFTs players can take place in the ranked mode where rewards are higher and ELO is at stake. 

The game also features a 30v30 battleground mode called guild wars where guilds can battle for a zone by using NFT robots and tanks to augment their team, the game has an in-game rental system where players can rent these items and compete on equal terms. The winning guild gets rewarded in TNC tokens, TNG tokens or NFTs. The victorious guild will remain on top of the leaderboard and wait for the next guild to challenge them. The final winner is entitled to a pass or to participate in the exclusive guild war mission. 

Mini-game mode of the game is called Treasure Heist. Treasure Heist is a web-based idle strategy game where players may start collecting TNC tokens and special rewards by accomplishing a series of simple tasks with their soldier avatar NFT. Participants will have a basic grasp of how the main game of TNW operates. Additionally, Treasure Heist serves as a thorough training ground for players to gather precious resources to be ready for the future game mode.

Token Information

TNG (The Next War Gem) is the governance token that utilises the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC network) for the metaverse and core of the game’s ecosystem. TNG token will be a strict utility token in-game and will be used for staking for stability and rewards, elements of yield farming, governance voting and as a medium of exchange between participants. TNC (The Next War Coin) is TNW’s secondary token that is mainly designed to power the in-game ecosystem. TNC has an unlimited supply and will be earnable through in-game actions such as winning BR matches. The players may choose to use TNC as a means of exchange to trade for NFTs in the marketplace or buy crates that can be used to mint characters and items. Both of these coins use BNB Chain (BEP-20).

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