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TokenLands is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain strategy game where players can earn T-coin tokens by participating in various activities in NFT sectors. The game is set in a world with five competing continents divided into NFT sectors, where players can stake infrastructure facilities to earn a stable profit margin. TokenLands also features an auction system where players can purchase NFT cards with T-coin or Wax, and a T-coin deposit option at TokenLands Bank. The game is available on web browsers.


The world of TokenLands is made up of five continents, each divided into NFT sectors. By joining one of the continents, players can earn T-coin by completing tasks, which can be used to purchase NFT cards or stake infrastructure facilities. Each continent has a specific resource necessary for creating a War Factory NFT card. The military and economic advantages of each player affect the fate of the whole continent.

NFT cards of varying rarity contain slots for staking infrastructure facilities, and the amount of work required for working. Sector owners receive a stable 10% profit margin from all facilities placed in their sector, along with profits from all completed works. NFT cards can be purchased in packs with Wax during the pre-sale stage and, in rare cases, at auction with T-coin.

Players can earn T-coin on any continent in any available sector by fulfilling tasks. In doing so, they also have a chance to obtain an NFT Evolution card, which increases profits from working. Once used, the card is taken out of the system, adding 2%-10% to work efficiency. Evolution NFT cards can be purchased at auction with T-coin, and in rare cases, players can obtain them for free when fulfilling works.

Owners of NFT cards from the Commercial Objects collection can place them in a free sector on any continent and earn T-coin. This is the fastest and easiest way to earn T-coin and become an influential player in TokenLands. The Commercial Objects collection is a unique set of NFT cards of varying rarity that allow owners to earn T-coin by placing them in sectors. Profits from commercial objects are fixed and depend on the rarity of the card. More powerful NFT cards can be purchased in packs with Wax during the pre-sale stage, while less powerful cards can only be bought at auction with T-coin.

TokenLands incorporates an NFT card selling system implemented through auctions, where players can purchase infrastructure facilities, sectors, and cards that improve player attributes with T-coin. NFT cards purchased at auction are less profitable than cards obtained at the pre-sale stage.

TokenLands Bank introduces a T-coin deposit option for terms ranging from one to twelve months. The interest rate on the deposit depends on its term, and in the case of an early withdrawal, the contract interest rate is not charged. TokenLands Bank will also run NFT card drawings among investors.

Each of the five continents has mines for mining NFT resources. Players can use them to build a War Factory NFT card, which requires a specific resource from each continent. The War Factory NFT card is unique, and players can earn a profit by owning one.

Token Information

T-coin in TokenLands is to serve as an internal currency that players can use to purchase NFT cards and participate in various in-game activities and transactions, such as staking, working, and auctions. T-coin can be earned by completing tasks and participating in various activities on any continent in the game. It can also be obtained by purchasing NFT cards at the pre-sale stage or at auction with Wax or T-coin. Additionally, players can deposit T-coin in the TokenLands Bank for a certain period of time and earn interest on their deposits.

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