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Trade Race Manager 2

Trade Race Manager 2

In Development
QORPO Game Studio


$0.03984 $0.03984 (-4.54%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x9592...65D7884
Polygon 0xaf24...eef1c14




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Trade Race Manager 2 is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain racing game where players can own NFT cars and racers while also earning IOI tokens. Players can join races with their vehicles and avatars and participate in various tournaments. The game is available on PC platforms.


In Trade Race Manager 2, players can select from three different race modes to compete against other players. Players can compete with other players in trading and cryptocurrency-themed game modes.

The free non-NFT races allow players to begin earning right away. Players must have enough fuel on their account in order to participate in a race. Fuel acts as a stamina system, and this fuel is replenished for each vehicle you own every day. Players can also purchase more in the game once they've used it all up. Players who place first in a race receive IOI tokens that they can use to buy NFT racers and vehicles.

There are various race categories. All-fuel one-minute races are carried out every three minutes. For each race, players can enter with a maximum of five vehicles. There are also tournaments and five-minute races, which both require a lot of fuel and are only open to NFT owners.

The tournaments are the biggest events that are held every day. A day has four tournaments. Two of them occur on dry land, and the others do so on water. Players can enter the races with either boats or cars; the only rule is to bring out the appropriate vehicle and have it ready in your garage with enough fuel.

There are four different types of NFTs that the players can own in the game: tracks, avatars, cars, and boats. Cars and boats are used to participate in races, while tracks and avatars can be staked for further profits. Each race on the track that the player owns grants them a sum from the entry fees.

Players can also form teams to either become their manager or owner, both of which cost a certain amount of IOI tokens and grant a title badge and a share of earnings. Every time a member of the team wins a race, the owner and the manager receive a portion of the prize money.

Token Information

Players can earn IOI, the native token of Trade Race Manager 2, by taking part in races, running a team, or controlling a track. Each race's top ten participants receive IOI tokens. These tokens can be used to buy NFT racers, cars, boats, tracks, and avatars from the marketplace.


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IDO (DAO Maker)10-17 May 2021$0.40$200,000500,000100% unlocked at the TGE
IDO (PAID Network)10-10 May 2021$0.40$200,000500,000100% unlocked at the TGE

Private-$0.20$800,0004,000,00010% AT TGE, then 30% after 3 MONTHS , 40% 6 MONTHS & 20% 9 MONTHS

Seed-$0.12$600,0005,000,0004 YEARS LOCK - 10% AT TGE, then 10% after 1 YEAR, 20% 2 YEARS, 20% 3 YEARS & 40% 4 YEARS


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