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Train of the Century

Train of the Century

Oso Interactive
Card, Simulation
Not available


Train of the Century is a play-to-earn blockchain-based collectible NFT trading card game that utilizes the WAX network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, TOCIUM. In the game, players can create their unique trains by combining different parts such as locomotives, rail cars, commodities, etc. In the story and gameplay of the game, the players in the game are conductors who can time warp. Thanks to this feature, players can access trains and train technologies from the past.


As first-time Railroaders, players will be randomly placed on the game map. From that point, they will be expected to build their own train to start their journey. By adding train parts to their unique designs, such as rail cars and locomotives, players will be able to start their first run. However, when combining parts to create a train, players must think ahead and consider the distance to the next station from their current station, required fuel for their run, commodity rates, and time of arrival.

To start experiencing the game as Railroaders, players must own a locomotive to begin with. Since it’s the heart of the train, locomotive attributes play a huge role in the designing process. Distance, fuel type, hauling power, conductor level, and speed are the key attributes of every NFT locomotive in the game. In addition, players who need a conductor to drive the locomotive can consider characteristics such as conductor level, conductor perks, and portal transition when choosing their conductor. A conductor can have perks such as hauling power, extra speed, or luck which increases the chance of having an NPC encounter along the way. To be able to deliver goods, every player also needs rail cars. Rail cars can carry more than one type of commodity, from coal to alien life forms. Rail car type determines the capabilities of a rail car in terms of commodities, capacity corresponds to the volume of a commodity, and lastly, commodity type determines what type of commodities can be transported by the rail car. 

Token Information

TOCIUM is the native cryptocurrency of Train of the Century. This token can be used for governance purposes, purchasing in-game items such as fuel, vials, components, etc., upgrading NFTs, paying for portal passes, and unlocking UI utilities. Players can earn TOCIUM tokens by completing runs.


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