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Treeverse is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can own NFT items and characters while earning ROOT tokens. The game features a top-down camera angle while the players can explore a vast open-world with other players. Players can interact with each other alongside other social features and cooperative gameplay. The game is available on mobile devices.


In Treeverse, players begin their journey in the World Tree-protected city of Elderwall and immerse themselves in this world of mythical creatures surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe. To put their skills to the test, they can forge unique weapons out of primal energy and slay bosses.

Quests are offered to players by NPCs with their own stories or by designed encounters when players arrive at certain locations or meet certain conditions, which will gradually help players uncover the world of Treeverse. Players can also explore the enigmatic lands on their own and discover side quests.

Players are able to create their dream home on their own plot of land and make it available to all other players, or they can keep it private and invite their friends or guild members to come visit and hang out. They are also allowed to gather rare resources, forge one-of-a-kind weapons, and trade them with other adventurers. Players can choose to become a landlord or a forgery master in order to get by in Treeverse.

Players can also participate in different instances of PvE battles in order to receive loot. There are numerous locations where players can battle mighty monsters on their own or team up with other players and fight against more powerful foes.

There are three different NFT assets that the players can own: NFTrees, plots, and timeless avatars. NFTrees produce distinctive fruit based on the tree's characteristics. After placing a NFTrees, holders can set a ROOT token price for the fruits that the trees bear, and other players can buy them. Fruit consumption provides minor temporary buffs to characters.

Plots can be placed in Treeverse and expanded upon. Players can create their own exterior and interior designs and teleport to their house whenever they want. Holders can also rent out their plots to other adventurers for the price set by the landlord.

Timeless are one-of-a-kind anime characters who are purely cosmetic. With a clean badge and a distinct appearance, players can set themselves apart from the crowd. Timeless characters have a CC0 license and is intended for use in a variety of virtual worlds, including Treeverse.

Token Information

ROOT is the native token of Treeverse that can be used to buy and sell NFT items from the in-game marketplace. Players can receive ROOT by selling characters, land, or fruit to other players.


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