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Written 6 reviews

Published on
1.10.2022 08:25:54 UTC


Great potential here

10-50 hours played







Trivians is a free to play trivia game where you try to beat other players with your knowledge. I have been playing this game over 10 hours and it definitely has a potential.
First of all I need to point their great in-game economic system. There are two ways to earn $TRIVIA; 'free tournaments' and 'VIP contests'.
-You can find free tournaments all day and questions are not very challenging so the prizes are not very high. There are a lot of people who attends free tournaments and prize is shared on every question. So you can't earn a lot from them. But it really keeps attention on the game.
-For the VIP tournaments, you need to pay some $TRIVIA to attend. And I find developers choice very clever here. Total shared amount is always a bit less than what people pay to attend and that prevents the economy from inflation.
You can always earn more than you pay to attend but you need to be careful while attending. Becuse the VIP questions are a lot harder than the free ones. And this is the biggest problem about the game that I could find. If they decide to balance the questions between free and VIP this game will be 10/10 in my opinion.
Lastly, I need to say even though you earn $TRIVIA from the tournaments it is not very possible to make a significant income from the game without giving a lot of time. But hey, it is almost free money at the and of the day and you really enjoy playing this game.

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