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Tryhards is a blockchain-based top-down shooter MOBA game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, TRY, and HNR. In the game, players can earn rewards while experiencing the game’s different game modes since Tryhards is a play-to-earn game.


The game has MOBA-style gameplay based on Fanatics fighting in the Arena. These Fanatics can be members of the Apes, Robots, Undeads, and Survivors factions. There are 20 Fanatics in total, 5 in each faction. Tryhards also has various weapons in the game for these Fanatics to use. The weapons also have their own characteristics and in-game mechanics, just like Fanatics. Since both Fanatics and weapons are NFT assets, they can be traded, bought, or sold by players on the marketplaces.

Both weapons and Fanatics have attributes that define their power in general. For Fanatics, faction, base universe power, rarity, level, health, armor, and movement speed are the main attributes. For weapons, on the other hand, category (such as SMG, assault rifle, etc.) base universe power, quality, level, damage, bullet speed, range, reload speed, and movement speed are the main attributes. In the game, there are six rarity levels, such as normal, refined, unique, elite, super, and legendary, and players can not upgrade the rarity level of their NFTs, only the level of NFTs can be upgraded. Upgrading an NFT increases the universe power, which determines the staking rewards of that NFT. To upgrade a Fanatic’s or a weapon’s level, players have to use crystals of the same rarity. Players can get the same rarity crystals by composing and decomposing crystals in the refinery. To upgrade relatively high-level Fanatics and weapons, players must use more crystals on average. 

Tryhards offers three different game modes to its players at the moment, training mode, one vs. 1, and PvE. As its name indicates, the training mode is a training mode for players to test out their skills, weapons, and Fanatics. The one vs. 1, aka PvP mode, is a winner-takes-all play mode where players can stake a certain amount of HNR. Upon winning, the winner takes all the HNR within the pool. Lastly, the PvE mode of Tryhards is a monster-hunting mode. In this mode, waves of monsters spawn across the map, and players have to defeat them. The rewards of this mode depend on how many waves of monsters have been destroyed. 

Token Information

Tryhards uses two different cryptocurrencies, TRY, and HNR, for different purposes. TRY token is the native cryptocurrency of Tryhards. Players can use TRY tokens to open loot boxes, stake, and farm to earn various rewards and vote for the decentralized organization of Tryhards. HNR token, on the other hand, is the in-game currency of the game. Players can earn HNR tokens by participating in the voting process of the game by using TRY tokens, completing missions in the game, and fighting against epic monsters. HNR tokens can be used to upgrade NFTs such as weapons and Fanatics and compose or decompose crystals.

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