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Excellent Prototype

10-50 hours played







I have been playing this game as a top 100 Universe Power player. Fantastic prototype and cannot wait for full launch. Theres a whole selection of weapons and fanatics which must be obtained in Lootboxes, which right now are too cheap, but the system will change very soon so now is the time to get in before a lootbox has a raffle and price set. Other ways to obtain Fanatics and Weapons is with USDC on the plaza, and there are incentives to completing sets. Every UP point you have entitles you to passive staking.

You can trade, upgrade for higher UP, provide liquidity for Crystals needed to upgrade, Locked Staking is now live and a new system for lootboxes via staking will be shortly released.

I have so much fun playing the actual game though, even in prototype that I am so psyched for the full release which should be later in the year, however Alpha and Beta will be open to everyone with a Fanatic and a Weapon.

Play to Earn is only 8 out of 10 for now since the gameplay holds the most P2E rewards, but will surely be 10 out of 10 after full launch. But automatic NFT staking and minute by minute rewards makes it fun to accumulate.

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