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In Development
Ultiverse Team
Metaverse, MMO, RPG, Action, Adventure
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Ultiverse is a play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform that utilizes the BSC blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, ULTC. In Ultiverse, players will experience a VR-compatible parallel universe with SocialFi, GameFi, and MetaFi aspects where people can play, earn with various economic abilities, and build relationships.


Ultiverse splits into three interconnected products. The first is the Terminus, Terminus City the decentralized virtual metaverse platform of Ultiverse. It serves as a hub where users may engage other users in real-time while browsing and discovering content. They will also have access to various-sized lots where the owners are free to develop anything they choose.

Terminus has lands that are used for various purposes just like in a real city, such as residences, public buildings, entertainment options, and economic infrastructure that serve as the backbone of the DeFi aspect of the game. There are also entertainment and prospect options available in Terminus. NFT galleries, marketplaces, guilds, transit hubs, and launchpads for users to construct their own experiences, and many aspects of the social environment where individuals can connect with one another are all possible. Terminus uses the Unreal 5 engine for photorealistic graphics and offers a realistic sci-fi environment for users to experience. Terminus also serves as a portal, with gates connecting users to all of the Ultiverse platform's games, such as the MMORPG and the Endless Loop.

The Endless Loop is the GameFi aspect of Ultiverse. Endless Loop offers gameplay where users can gather resources, build bases, explore worlds, and compete against other players. The game is designed in such a way that players are incentivized to work together to complete higher-level quests, appealing to a diverse range of gamers from various economic backgrounds. Offering different roles for players to fulfill and earn rewards regardless of their investment.

Ultiverse also has an NFT collection named Electric Sheep. More NFT collections will be available in Ultiverse, allowing players to unlock different bonuses, perks, and traits for their NFT avatars. Electric Sheep is the very first PFP (PFP NFT is a digital token or artwork designed to be displayed as a person's social media profile picture.) collection of Ultiverse. It offers detailed avatars made up of 12 distinct pieces that are designed in a cyberpunk aesthetic and accompanied by a backstory. Holders of Electric Sheep NFTs will be able to import them into Terminus, where they can use the NFTs as 3D avatars for their characters.

Token Information

Ultiverse will use the ULTC token as its main currency to interact with the metaverse and its products. It can be used to make in-game purchases on the marketplace and can be exchanged on crypto exchanges.


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