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Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks

Wagyu Games Studio


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Undead Blocks is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain action game where players can own NFT weapons while earning UNDEAD and ZBUX tokens on the Ethereum network. The game is a first person shooter where the players defend themselves against the zombie waves with their weapons. The game is available to play on both PCs and mobile platforms.


Undead Blocks features four different game modes that have various rule sets. Solo mode is entered alone, and the players have to survive as many waves as they can on their own. Squads mode allows players to team up with others, up to a total of four players, and work together to survive. Speedrun mode is a timed mode where the players race to defeat a number of zombie waves as fast as they can. Massacre mode is another timed mode where the goal is to defeat as many zombies as the players can in a fixed amount of time. 

Each of these four modes has regular and play-to-earn variants. The play-to-earn modes can be accessed by owning an NFT, and these modes have a higher chance to drop ZBOX loot boxes. After creating an account, players can immediately start playing and earning loot boxes. Players can mint an NFT weapon or directly buy one from the marketplace to get access to play-to-earn modes. Every zombie killed has a chance to drop loot boxes called ZBOXes. These come in gold and standard versions, which contain ZBUX, the in-game utility and reward currency.

Players are dropped into each match with a weapon and a knife. The weapons that the players have unlocked can be accessed from different places on the map. The weapons are divided into classes such as melee weapons, handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, long-range rifles, and special weapons. 

Each kill earns players experience points that multiply if the zombie is killed with a headshot. Experience points earned can be used to gain new weapons and grenades, unlock perks from vending machines, and clear out doors to open up new pathways.

Token Information

UNDEAD tokens are the governance tokens of Undead Blocks that allow voting among the holders. It has a finite supply and can be staked for further benefits and profits. Loot boxes can be bought with a discount if the UNDEAD tokens are used in the marketplace. ZBUX, on the other hand, is the in-game utility and reward token that the players can use to buy weapons and for any in-game transaction. ZBUX has a regular and a gold version, where the gold version has a higher and fixed value compared to the regular one.

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IEO ( Startup)3-4 May 2022$0.5$100,000200,000500,000,000
Funding Round (Animoca Brands)--$600,000

Seed (Genblock Capital & Double Peak)--$1,100,000


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