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Undeads is a decentralized play-to-earn MMORPG on the Ethereum Blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, UDS and UGOLD. Undeads allows players to earn cryptocurrency through various in-game income-generating mechanics and socially interact with each other.


Players can experience Undeads by purchasing a mystery box and using the potion that comes with it to create their fully fledged NFT character; they can also enjoy the game with limited play-to-earn options with a mercenary character that serves as a trial mode. 

Undeads is an isometric survival game with action and close combat, set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse with an emphasis on a resource-oriented conflict between two factions: Zombies and Humans. Players have to explore new territories, push off and defend their settlement, grind resources, craft and improve equipment, trade, learn a profession, and develop their NFT character.

Undeads offers players a variety of play modes to choose from, including both PvP and PvE modes. These play modes provide players with numerous reward opportunities for beating their opponents. In the PvP mode, players can participate in various different game modes where they can challenge their opponents in high-stakes matches. One of the game modes offered is the 1v1 match, where players must stay ahead of their opponent in a deathmatch against the opposing faction. Another game mode offered is the open-world PvP death match, where players can join their own faction in a fight against opponents. The team that successfully kills all the players of the other team wins and takes resources from the opponent. Another mode is Town/Lair attack: where players from one faction team up to attack a town or a lair, attempting to take all resources from the opponent. In the Adventure mode, players must maintain constant vigilance against the threat of the other faction while simultaneously building their lands and generating more resources. Players can use energy to explore a global map to find necessary resources, defeat enemies for rare materials and expand territories.

In Undeads, players have a variety of opportunities to earn money through their in-game actions. Some of the main ways to earn in Undeads include grinding resources. Players can earn money by crafting NFT items and selling them on the marketplace. Players who own land plots in the game can charge a fee for all elements of game interaction based on the player's regions. Players of certain professions can earn blockchain in-game currency by doing their jobs. Players can stake UDS tokens in exchange for a portion of the regular distribution of funds from the treasury. Players can earn rewards for staking their in-game NFTs. Players can collect in-game items from their opponents by winning battles in PVP mode. All tools and items are crafted or minted by the Undeads players since it’s a player-driven economy.

Token Information

UDS is the governance token for the Undeads Metaverse. It is used for transactions and interactions within the metaverse. It is used to trade and exchange in-game assets, stake tokens, and build a player-driven economy. It also enables users to vote on critical governance decisions. UGOLD is an in-game token that is used by users to interact within the game economy. UGOLD is used to level up, for character creation, and for other in-game features.


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