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Upland is a play-to-earn blockchain real estate simulation game where players can own NFT lands and earn UPX tokens on the EOS blockchain network. Players can own, trade, and sell a property. It is a city-building metaverse for players to explore vast cities, gain properties, and connect with other players. 


In Upland, after completing the tutorial, players are prompted to pick a city. The choice of a starting city is important; if the player decides to change cities, they will have to visit a new one for a cost.

Cities are priced based on real-world market conditions for each city, and property prices are calculated from the average of square feet for each neighborhood in a city and then converted to UP2 (metaverse equivalent to square feet.) Every property is priced in UPX, the in-game currency.

Block Explorer is the name of the avatar that each player has. The avatar can search for unique properties in the game, however, the path is random and cannot be directly controlled. Players can manually send their block explorer to minted properties (every player gets three sends per day automatically), and they can hold up to a maximum of 11 sends. When visiting a minted property, players will have to pay a visitors fee that is set by the owner of the property. Block explorers leave a trail each time they travel, and players can investigate these trails to look at what block explorers have discovered.

Properties are divided into two categories; the minted ones that are owned by other players, the unminted ones that were never owned by a player. Every property is color-coded; bright green is unminted, dark green is owned and listed on the market, FSA marked ones are reserved for new players, blue ones are also owned but not listed on the market, dark blue ones are the ones that the player owns, and gray ones are locked and unminted. Players can sell their properties through the market by listing them.

Token Information

UPX tokens can be used for buying and selling properties at the in-game marketplace. Owned properties also generate and allow players to earn UPX tokens.


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