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Victory Point

Victory Point

Victory Games Studios
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Victory Point is a play-to-earn blockchain multiplayer shooter action game that offers operator NFTs and VIT tokens through gameplay. The game is built on the Unreal Engine and is available on both mobile and PC platforms, featuring competitive gameplay and stunning environments. Players can earn rewards by battling each other through various game modes.


Victory Point offers various game modes, such as Death Mode, Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, and Guild Wars. Each game mode comes with a unique reward distribution mechanism to compensate players based on their play style. Players choose to fight alongside the Global Defence Initiative or the Black Hand for control over a specific country, with the goal of total world dominance. 

Players can customize and upgrade their weapons to create unique arsenals, which can be sold or rented on the Victory NFT Marketplace to earn the in-game currency, $VIT. Victory Point is the first Web3 game to adopt a zero-sum-game reward system, which aims to sustain a healthy and sustainable economy within its ecosystem. Victory Point has introduced six unique revenue streams to incentivize player behavior that generates real yield, which will be shared with gamers.

Victory Point is the first video game to implement a subscription model in web3 gaming, called the Game Subscription, which provides players with special deals at a more affordable price and reduces the barrier to entry into the game's economy. Additionally, Victory Point introduces a watch-to-earn (WnE) model that enables in-game ads as a new revenue stream for gamers without affecting the gaming experience.Players can participate in team deathmatches and battle royales with different reward structures based on their rank. 

An Operator NFT represents ownership and grants access to in-game assets, special features, and unique opportunities for players to earn rewards. The ownership of the operator NFT also enables players to participate in the web3 gaming economy and join the marketplace, where they can trade with other players or participate in events and tournaments for valuable prizes. The game offers a global leaderboard where the strongest and most skilled players are recognized, showing which country has the most talented soldiers.

Token Information

Victory Point's in-game economy is based on the $VIT token and NFTs, which can be earned by playing the game, selling weapons, or participating in various activities within the game. The $VIT token can be used to buy in-game items, participate in events and tournaments, or trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Rather than relying solely on token emissions, Victory Point generates revenue through various sources, such as game subscriptions, in-game ads, and the Victory NFT Marketplace. This revenue is then shared with players through real yield, providing a more stable and sustainable income stream for players.


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