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Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics

AlwaysGeeky Games
Action, Adventure, RPG


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What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a play-to-earn free-to-play tactical role-playing game that is featured on the Polygon Network. Players can own Voxie characters with different classes, races, and physical attributes. They can equip various weapons, items and have cosmetic elements. The game’s main token is VOXEL; it can be earned through game modes and is used in the in-game marketplace.


In Voxie Tactics, there are two main game modes. Exploration mode is presented as a story-driven experience where players are allowed to explore the world freely. Players traverse multiple locations and play through quests and missions that involve NPCs, monsters, and villains. There are different biomes that players can traverse; grassy hills, desert, snowy tundra, swamps, volcanic mountains, cybernetic realm, and underground caverns. Battling mode is a turn-based battle arena mode where players fight enemies on a tile-based map. There are three turn phases; move phase where Voxies can traverse the map tiles, action phase where they can attack, cast an ability or a spell, and equip phase where their equipment can be altered. Voxies’ facing direction affects most of the actions in the battle. Attacks can have a higher chance of success if they are hit from behind and sides. Many attacks and abilities are linked to an element like fire, ice, lightning, poison, and holy. There are also status effects that can be applied during battle, they can either buff or debuff a Voxie. Every battle can have different winning conditions. Players must either survive an arena for several turns, defeat a boss or a certain number of enemies, rescue an NPC, or reach a point on the map.

PvP modes consist of the arena and the extreme arena. The arena is a draft mode featuring entirely free-to-play characters and different weapons per season. Seasons last for two to three months. Every battle has three Voxies per player, and the player who still has a Voxie standing at the end of a battle is the winner. The extreme arena has the same set of free-to-play characters as the regular arena plus the Voxies they own. This includes all tiers and types of Voxies. 

Each Voxie possesses basic stats such as strength, dexterity, intelligence, armor, movement, and luck. They can be increased by leveling up. Energy meters differ for Voxies based on their class. Mages use MP, warriors and monsters use rage, thieves and ninjas use combo points, knights use honor, samurais use focus, and robos use charge. Players are able to change their Voxies’ classes if they want to, however, class changes are limited to certain groups such as front-line fighters or utility characters.

There are twenty companion pets, and players can own them in two ways. They can either be already attached to a Voxie NFT or by finding pets directly in the world. Each pet has a unique exploration ability that can help in various situations. Every party member can equip a companion pet if they’d like to.

Token Information

What is Voxel’s primary use case in the Voxie Tactics game?

VOXEL token is needed to pay the entry fee to the arena. They can be earned by playing various game modes. 

What can players buy today with Voxel Tokens?

VOXEL holders are able to redeem their tokens for in-game items from the marketplace. Holders are also able to craft items using their tokens and consumable items.


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