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VRMARS is a free-to-play blockchain metaverse that combines augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, where players can use VRM tokens. VRMARS allows players to experience a lifelike simulation of a harsh and dangerous Martian environment, where they must survive and thrive through their creativity, strategy, and teamwork. The game is available on both PC and mobile platforms.


To join the VRMARS metaverse, players will need a compatible device and an internet connection, but there are no other specific entry barriers. Players have a crucial role in turning Mars into a livable planet. The main goal is building and terraforming the land using resources and workspaces. 

To get involved in VRMARS, players have three options available to them. First, they can select the Citizenship ID NFT option, which will grant them a land NFT with indefinite ownership as well as a flame pistol and vacuum G NFTs for looting materials within the AR system for a limited period of two weeks. Additionally, players will receive an oxygen workspace for crafting oxygen tubes with indefinite usage.

Alternatively, players can purchase a Land NFT, which will provide them with a Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs for looting materials within the AR system for a limited period of two weeks. Lastly, for those who prefer a free-to-play option, all mentioned assets can be received for a limited period of one week.

In VRMARS, players can participate in clan activities and contribute to the clan experience bar. The more experience points players gain from their actions, the higher the experience points for their clan and their land. The clan leaderboard, which resets each month, ranks the clans based on their accumulated experience points and serves as a rewarding mechanism and a competition among the clans in VRMARS.

VRMARS has an innovative reward mechanism that directly ties the value of in-game assets to the company's value, creating a self-sustaining economy that benefits players and investors. The clan leaderboard determines the distribution of tokens among the top 50 clans in VRMARS. The higher a clan ranks on the leaderboard, the greater the share of tokens they receive from the token pool. It's important to note that to earn through VRMARS, players must own land or citizenship ID NFTs to join a clan.

Token Information

VRMARS uses a single token, $VRM, for all in-game transactions and rewards players with a share of the profits. The VRM token, listed on Bitci Global, is also used to access premium features and content, participate in DeFi, and earn rewards for contributing to the game's economy. It has a limited supply of 8 billion tokens, driving up its value as the game grows in popularity.


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