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Vulcano is a play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT fighting game that utilizes the BNB network with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrency, VULC. Players can choose their faction, light or darkness, and compete against the environment and each other to monetize their rewards.


To be able to play Vulcano purchasing 3 NFT characters is mandatory. Each NFT will have a specific utility for the game and each one will have a set of unique skills that determine its rarity: common, rare, legendary, and mythic. These NFTs are represented in card format and are collectible. These characters are Introduced in a card format and will form the team put together by the player. They have different attributes, and these attributes enhance both their power and their market value. These characters can have different roles from the healer to the ranged attacker and can be equipped with NFT weapons to augment their fighting capabilities. Characters will need land to refuel their energy to be able to fight the next day. At the start of the game, each player will be given free land on which only 3 of the player's characters can rest. If the player wishes to have more than three characters, they must purchase NFT lands to expand their roster. These characters can also explore the galaxy after purchasing NFT spaceships. 

The main gameplay revolves around 3D auto battler combat with SciFi aesthetics. Within Vulcano, players will engage in 3v3 battles either against AI or other players. Three rounds will be played in the battles, where players have to position their characters and equip them with a weapon if they wish. Players must adapt their moves to the strategy they believe their opponent will use to counter them. Once characters are positioned and equipped, enemy NFTs will appear and fight automatically, with each character role having different behaviors. The player who wins two of these three duels wins the match.

There will be two ways to earn VULC in the game. First is earning by actively playing. The players who win battles, either against other players or the AI, will be rewarded. The better the player's strategy, the greater the chance of winning and earning rewards. Secondly, there will be passive ways of earning, such as staking and character training, both of which will provide rewards in tokens. Players will also gain experience points. These points will be used to unlock new levels, receive prices, and obtain exclusive access to tournaments.

In the marketplace, players will be able to buy and sell NFTs of characters, weapons, lands, spaceships, and accessories The fees of any NFT transaction will be 5%. 50% of the price will be used to burn the token and return others to the reward pool.

Token Information

VULC is the native token of the Vulcano universe. VULC holders will be able to spend them for in-game actions in Vulcano, buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace,  stake their tokens, and use them as governance tokens in which they can participate in the game’s policies and buy NFT chests. 

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