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War Riders

War Riders

Cartified Inc.
MMO, Action


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War Riders is a play-to-earn post-apocalyptic MMO action game with its native token, Benzene (BZN), that lets players earn cryptocurrency while blowing up cars. The main objective of War Riders is to become the most powerful army in the Wasteland by acquiring vehicles and garages. Every in-game object, such as vehicles, weapons, skins, etc., are NFTs and unique to its owners.


In the Wasteland, players have the freedom to customize their war vehicles however they want with custom-style parts and weapons. Also, the garages of war vehicles can be customized and upgraded. These upgradable war vehicles in the game are the primary sources of BZN mining by exploring the Wasteland. BZN appears randomly in the Wasteland, and upon collecting, players have to take their collected tokens to their garages in order to redeem them. Players can use BZN for various things, such as buying weapons, armor, ammunition, nitro-boost, or building additional garages.

Players of Wasteland can ambush other players to steal their BZN before they get to their garages. If the attacker succeeds, the victim will lose all the Benzene and will be frozen for a period of time. In order to prevent any risk of robbery, players can rent out garages of other players to seek protection. 

Token Information

War Riders’ native token, Benzene, is built on the Ethereum network. To start the game as a War Rider, players have to buy vehicles and weapons available at the War Riders marketplace. 


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