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Warena is a decentralized play-to-earn strategy game based in the BSC with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, RENA and WARE. In Warena, players can choose to inhabit different lands, trade warriors and NFTs, battle against each other, and play in tournaments to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic science-fiction world called Emporia, where players can explore, battle, and collect unique NFT-based characters called warriors. The game allows players to own, trade, and monetize their in-game assets in a variety of minigames and activities.

One of the key features of Warena is the ability to purchase land in Emporia. This virtual space is finite, and the topography and location of the land can provide different types of benefits to the owner. This allows players to fully customize their experience and develop their own properties within the game. Players can purchase land, in-game assets, and NFTs using RENA, WARE, or BNB. WARE is the main in-game currency that is used to improve warriors' stats and special abilities, build guilds, revive warriors, and buy energy in the Warena games. The game also features an open market called Eshuya City, which is the hub of the Warena economy. This is where players can invest in the Warena ecosystem, as well as trade and participate in the in-game economy.

Each NFT-based character has its own unique characteristics, rarity, and advantages. Players will start off in the Survival Land, which is the real version of the land they purchased or a sample land for non-owner players. They will be equipped with an omni-tool, a standard piece of gear provided by Emporia for all explorers of the new land. This tool can be used to extract different types of resources, but to unlock its true potential, players will need to upgrade it to higher tiers. Players can extract resources from five different resource spawn points, which include hunting, lumbering, blessing, mining, and foraging. Each character has five survival skills that correspond to these five extracting actions. Players can level up their survival skills by extracting resources of the same type or by playing the corresponding minigame.

Higher skill levels will give players a higher chance of success when extracting resources, especially high-rank resources, and an advantage when playing the corresponding minigame. Players can also craft components for new items from the raw materials they extract. They can open the craft or build screen and select the craft tab to see all the components they can craft and the required materials. Players can also complete quests to check their progress in the game. Main quests will reward players with energy potions, and daily quests will refresh daily, rewarding players with energy potions and empty potions to make even more energy potions.

Gameplay has two options: Trial mode and main mode. Trial mode is a free-to-play mechanism that allows players to experience the gameplay and earn mystery boxes as rewards. On the other hand, main mode is a play-to-earn mechanism that allows players to earn WARE tokens through adventure, challenge, and world boss. In the trial mode, players can progress through the stages of the game, earning materials for leveling up their NFTs and minerals for NFT skill upgrades. Additionally, players will receive valuable rewards for passing certain milestones. This mode serves as an introduction for new players, allowing them to understand how in-game resources can be used to level up and increase the value of their NFT warriors.

To earn WARE currency in-game, players can take part in daily quests, the adventure, one-time milestones, the weekly rank challenge, and the daily world boss ranking. To start the game, players can purchase their characters from the Warena store or marketplaces, or lease a warrior from another player at an agreed rate. Before each battle, players must select a team of warriors to participate from their owned-warrior list. The power of a warrior must be continually upgraded by completing tasks, winning PvP battles, and adding in-game items to each character. In the Tower Defense game, gameplay consists of using up to 3 warriors to battle through ever-increasingly difficult stages or compete in PvP matches. Rarity, skill, and special abilities are the defining characteristics of how strong and thus valuable the NFT warriors are considered. Warena increases with difficulty with every subsequent level Tower Defence game, this makes the act of leveling up a character the key component to the gameplay loop. Matches won will provide earnings and rewards. These can then be used to level up and improve an NFT skill and ability level to provide a better chance to defeat higher levels. 

The main NFTs that are available in the 3D Warena Metaverse are land NFTs and architecture NFTs. The purpose of purchasing a land NFT is to begin mining for in-game resources. These resources will be needed to upgrade warriors' power levels as well as perform daily transactions within the game’s market economy. Eshuya City serves as a DEX where players can transact, trade, and auction their NFT, as well as stake their NFT to earn passive rewards. 

Token Information

RENA is the governance token for the Warena Universe. RENA holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn RENA tokens when they play various games within the Warena Universe and through user-generated content. The WARE token is the main in-game currency. It will be used for trading, exchanging, and improving players’ warriors including their special qualities. WARE tokens are rewarded to players when participating in in-game activities such as: Battle Pass, Quest, random events, NFT Lease or dungeon rewards. WARE can be used to exchange to other currencies, summon or trade warriors.

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Warena IDO
(DAO Maker)
6 Oct — 7 Oct 2021$0.165  $ 100,000.00 606,0603 months daily, starting in 30 days after TGE100,000,000

Warena IDO (GameFi)3 Oct — 7 Oct 2021$0.165  $ 100,000.00 606,060

Warena IDO
(Red Kite)
3 Oct — 7 Oct 2021$0.165  $ 97,000.00 587,878

$0.165 $1,250,000.00 7,575,7575.33% unlock monthly over 15 months, starting 180 days after the Trigger Date


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