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Warriors of Aradena

Warriors of Aradena

Warriors of Aradena Team
Action, Strategy
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Warriors of Aradena is a play-to-earn turn-based action strategy NFT game that focuses on defeating opponents in battles by reducing Commanding Warrior’s health to zero. Players have the option to select thousands of warriors to beat their opponents on the battlefield. All warriors are NFT assets, unique and player-owned.


The battlefield or the map is similar to 4x strategy games such as the well-known Civilization series; the map is hexagonal and detailed. Players can have armies that contain units and special action collectibles alongside warriors. These warriors and units are created as 3D figurines that can move around the map and deal damage to their opponents.

Winning a battle in Warriors of Aradena rewards the players with loot chests that contain variable rewards such as Aradenean Gold tokens and NFT collectibles. These rewards are tradeable in the in-game marketplace. Players also have the option of adding these NFT collectibles into their own army by using the Barracks. The Barracks can be used to modify players’ army in many different ways; warriors and collectibles can alter the performance of the army for different strategies. In addition, the player has to select a warrior as the Commanding Warrior to gain an enhanced attribute buff and specify the players’ in-game health pool. Therefore, picking a Commanding Warrior is very important in order to create a strategy.

In the metaverse of Warriors of Aradena, there are two main game modes. The first one is PvP mode which is the main game mode in the game. PvP encounters are designed to be 1v1 matches with the victory condition to eliminate the opponent’s Commanding Warrior. In the future, however, new game modes will be added to the game, such as 2v2 matches and Capture the Flag.

The second game mode, PvE, allows players to play against an AI opponent instead of a real player. This mode is an excellent option to prepare for and see the challenges of the game mechanics before jumping into the PvP mode. These AI matches also come in the form of quests (dungeons) that allow players to build their army and see its efficiency in the PvE mode. Some of these quests require co-op gameplay in order to complete them. Players can win loot chests from these quests as well.  

The game is currently in development. However, players can purchase their Commanding Warriors from third-party marketplaces.

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