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Waves Ducks

Waves Ducks



$5.61616 $5.61616 (3.56%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x889e...e8da4de
Waves C1iWsK...JJosDRS




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Waves Ducks is a play-to-earn blockchain collectible NFT metaverse where players can own different NFT ducks and earn EGG tokens on the Waves network. Each duck is a collectible and is a source of tokens. The game is browser-based, and it is available to play.


Waves Ducks allows players to collect NFT ducks that can be used perform various tasks. Ducks are unique NFTs and the main characters of the Waves Ducks metaverse. Each duck features a set of genes that determines its abilities, rarity, and farming power.

The metaverse forms its own economy by making Ducks a source of income. Ducks can be sent to farms which can create a stable income for players. Ducklings can be raised to become ducks that can breed and be traded to get even stronger ducks from the marketplace. Ducks can be rented to other players for them to use in different metaverse games. There are two different game modes that can be used; Duck Wars and Metarace.

Duck Wars is a turn-based battler where players can fight others on a collective farm. Each turn, players are given three cards that give points. These cards can have effects such as attack, defense, critical hit, and heal. Players can distribute their gained points to three body parts of each duck. These parts act as spots of attack or defense. Battles are free to enter, and winners are rewarded with EGG tokens.

Metarace is a game mode where players can participate in truck racing tournaments. These tournaments can be entered either with or without a duck. However, there is a special league called Mars for duck owners. Each duck must have a racing suit to enter the races. Tournaments and the Mars league reward the highest-ranking players with tokens.

Token Information

EGG tokens can be used to buy, sell, and trade NFT ducks from the marketplace. They can also be used to raise ducklings. EGG tokens are earned from sending ducks to farms or participating in Duck Wars and Metarace game modes. Ducks can also be staked for further profits in EGG tokens. WAVES tokens can also be used to perform transactions.

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