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Whisper Of Soul

Whisper Of Soul

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Sun Reborn Ent.
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Whisper of Soul is a decentralized play-to-earn multiplayer battle-royale game on the Solana network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, WOS and SOUL. It’s a game that mixes the souls-like genre with the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where players compete for cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


The game offers a unique blend of strategic combat and RPG elements, providing a challenging and engaging experience for players. In terms of gameplay, Whisper of Soul offers both PVE and PVP game modes. The main mode is the battle royale, where players compete against each other and a common enemy, with the ultimate goal of being the last one standing. Players can choose to play solo or in teams, and rewards are distributed based on the amount of damage inflicted on the final enemy. There are also other modes such as team deathmatch, 2v2 PvP duels, or an adventure mode set in the PvE area; in this mode, players, whether playing alone or in co-op, earn SOUL by completing events that are randomly scattered around the map. Each event gradually increases in difficulty by increasing the level and/or the number of enemies to kill. Each event will consist of a wave of enemies or a second-level boss. Finishing them all will unlock the reward.

In Whisper of Soul, players can choose from four different races for their characters, each with their own unique initial statistics. Additionally, players can choose between four different classes, each with their own abilities. Players can change their character's appearance by equipping different NFTs, which can also change their equipped armor and character stats. However, once a player joins a battle, they can only equip another NFT of the same race category as the character they selected before the match. Players can equip any skin if the race fits their character race, even if the armor set does not match their character class, but equipping a magician's armor while playing as a warrior would not provide the best upgrades for that character. Additionally, players can improve their favorite skins by increasing their rarity level through "The Awakening of the Soul" (NFT Merging).

Players can also choose from a variety of weapons, both melee and ranged. The type of weapon that a player chooses to equip does not have to match the class they have chosen for their character. However, if the weapon type complements the chosen class, the player will be able to use the skills specific to that class path. Each weapon in the game is available in five different rarities, which affect the weapon's combat characteristics and appearance. A higher rarity weapon will have better stats and a more epic appearance. When a player acquires a weapon, it will be minted with initial stats and a base level of 0. As the player defeats enemies with the weapon, it will level up, and its base stats will increase. Additionally, weapons can be leveled up by using specific NFT items, increasing their rarity and stats. Overall, players will have the ability to customize their weapons to fit their playstyle and also have the option to purchase or trade for new weapons through the game's marketplace.

The types of rarities available in Whisper of Soul are: common, rare, exotic, epic, and legendary. Each rarity level grants aesthetic and characteristic improvements and also impacts the recovery rate of characters resting at "The Inn." After a battle, characters need a place to rest and recover their strength for new challenges and adventures. Players can leave their characters' skins at "The Inn" to recover from fatigue and level up faster. The recovery rate is affected by the rarity of the skin. Higher-rarity skins recover faster. All hero skins have a level, and players can level up by defeating opponents. Once players fill their progress bar, they must pay a certain amount in SOUL to reach the next level. As they level up, the recovery rate from fatigue is reduced, and they improve the bonus stats provided by the skin. A tired character will see their bonus stats reduced, and the hero's experience gain will also be reduced.

The Soul Gatherer is a tool that allows players to collect SOUL rewards in Whisper Of Soul. It works by collecting the souls of fallen enemies in the game and converting them into in-game currency. The player can use this currency to purchase new weapons, armor, and other in-game items. The Soul Gatherer is an hourly bonus system, meaning that every time the player logs into the game, the collector's energy decreases. When the energy runs out, the player stops receiving rewards. To continue receiving rewards, the player can purchase another Soul Collector, which will give them more hours to collect souls and earn SOUL.

There are different categories of Soul Gatherers available, each with a different number of consumable hours. The higher the category, the more hours the player can use to collect souls and earn rewards. Players can purchase Soul Gatherers in the game store or trade them with other players in the marketplace. Keep in mind that there is a maximum number of hours per month that a player can spend using a Soul Gatherer. Overall, the Soul Gatherer is a system that allows players to earn in-game rewards by collecting the souls of defeated enemies, which can then be used to purchase weapons, armor, or other in-game items. Players can earn in-game currency, SOUL, by completing daily or weekly challenges, and these coins can be exchanged for WOS. This in-game currency can be used to purchase new weapons and armor, to level up existing items in the armory, and to improve hero NFTs.

Token Information

There are two tokens in Whisper of Soul: WOS and SOUL. WOS is the main utility token that can be used to purchase NFTs and in-game items. SOUL is an in-game token that is earned through playing the game, completing challenges, and participating in tournaments. SOUL can be obtained by acquiring a Soul Gatherer and using it to collect the souls of fallen enemies. It can also be earned by completing daily and weekly challenges, killing other players, participating in tournaments or events, seeing your statistics on the leaderboard, and playing the PvE Adventure mode. With SOUL, players can evolve equipment, upgrade characters, and exchange it for the main currency, WOS. WOS can be obtained through special events, exchanging SOUL for WOS, buying it on a specific exchange, or renting an NFT equipment set. It can be used to purchase NFTs, participate in governance, rent equipment sets, and stake for rewards.

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