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Written 3 reviews

Published on
7.04.2022 20:58:13 UTC


Best of 2022

100+ hours played







it's a good game with lots of potential, we are in chapter 1 of the game and the summon feature is coming soon around the corner, after that comes the in-game market where you can sell corps to other players to earn wso, rn the game doesn't offer much to free to earn players. after the weekly treasure farm with tickets, the game currency become stable and it's increasing gradually.
I believe now is best time to buy land chests for beginners then unboxing them next week, as for characters wait till summon feature is out then you can get a rare character for a cheaper price. I recommend starting the game at widian lvl 4 or 3, maybe upgrade to lvl 5 eventually.
I personally found lvl 6 very time consuming and unpractical but that may change after the in-game market is out.
currently the game doesn't give much profit to hire ppl to do your daily quests and the largest profit comes from reselling the chests you get using your tickets to new players and you do can do that weekly ( read more about weekly treasure farmer on the game website). you gain profit from the difference in price. the community is still small ( nft holders are a few thousands).

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